Thursday, May 26, 2011

Highway 525 Sketch Rally (& Poetry Reading)

Here are my efforts for the Highway 525 Rainy Day Sketch Rally Challenge:

Vegetable(s) at The Goose Grocer
Minerals? In the silverware tray at Cozy's?

Another mineral! (Because the Gnat is a real gem!)

And for some post-sketch-rally poetry, I made a stop at the Unitarian Church (just off Highway 525) for Natalie's poetry reading and art show. You must stop by if only to see Natalie's piece entitled "Beetle Dream." My favorite piece in the show. Wonderful!


  1. What about the beer, are there minerals in the beer water? The elephant is such a landmark and a fun sketch along with the Goose 'fresh air' produce. fun sketches.