Sunday, October 25, 2015

People on the Bus

Sherryl, Claudia and I boarded the number 1 bus at Bayview Park N Ride. And who do we find sitting in the front row grinning at us? Our beloved "you aren't drawing me, are you?" friend Robin Kinney Robbins, that's who! We were just tickled by the surprise. How Robin to just pop up on a bus out of the blue.  And of course I drew her! She's adorable. Then onward to Freeland to pick up Faye and a stop at Greenbank Farm Pie Cafe for coffee and a snack.

She who hates to be sketched.
On the ride back home, there were just tons of interesting characters to sketch.

He seemed to enjoy chatting to anyone who would listen.
He was carrying a pumpkin shaped like a big orange butt.

One of those hats with dangling pom poms. Cute.
Happy young woman with Downs Syndrome



Another great sketching birthday adventure for me. Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride!

A Taste of Coupeville

We had an unexpectedly nice, sunny day for the Island Transit Sketching Adventure to Coupeville. We were a small but mighty group of 5, including a surprise appearance by a mystery sketcher. (Stay tuned to my next post for the bus ride part of the story.) Our first stop in Coupeville was Lavender Wind Farm right across the street from the bus stop. It was actually warm and sunny enough to sit outside on the patio and sketch. I took off on a scouting mission to Front Street with the mystery sketcher, so only had time for one quick sketch of the garden at Lavender Wind Farm.

After a delicious lunch at Front Street Grill (don't miss the apricot cider!) we sat in the sunny courtyard of Vail Wine Shop and Tasting Room. Sherryl and Faye headed across the street to Kaspaw Iskreme for their sugar fixes. I managed a fast capture of Sherryl's cone between licks. When our spot got too chilly outside, we went inside where the non-ice cream eaters had some wine instead. I tasted the 6 tasting wines of the day and sketched a witch. Then it was off to catch the 5:45 bus home! Vail would be a great venue for us this winter - great atmosphere, friendly owners, and enough room for our group! They don't get too busy until about 4:00.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Moving Targets

Fairgrounds bunnies know how to live.  They hang out, eat grass and sometimes chunks of apple, then nap, stretching their bodies really long.  They don't like to move too fast and don't seem to worry when the dogs pass by.  My dog put them in the category of cat,  (not worth chasing) because they weren't running like the bunnies in the woods.  I wonder if they have that bunny scent that Laci seems so fond of following?

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy in the sunshine

We spent beautiful fall afternoon in the sunshine as the now famous "Langley Bunnies" lounged around and posed. They wouldn't hold still long, but as Phyllis noted "they only have a handful of positions" - so true, so when one moved, just wait and another will come back to that basic pose. Mostly the carmel colored ones hung out with us. We tried herding some of the black and gray bunnies in to our field of vision, but they are apparently shy.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Bunnies Galore

Had a satisfying, heartwarming, fulfilling day of art, sunshine and . . . bunnies. Who could ask for more? Started the day at the fairgrounds under warm, sunny skies in a spot with a perfect view of the gazebo, a peek-a-boo view through to Saratoga Passage and Camano, and herds of munching bunnies.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Happy hour after sketching at the fourth tee of the golf course today. We tried the NEWLY EXPANDED Taproom Brew Pub at Bayview Corners (where the Star Store annex used to be). The pub has recently expanded into the vacant adjoining restaurant space and offers GREAT food, as well as exciting beer selections (well, exciting for other people. I HATE beer. I tried some hard cider. It was OK). This GIANT fuzzy and leather spider occupied his own table, and (I guess) was waiting to be served a dish of flies and bugs with his brew.

Sketching Golfers Teeing Off

from the deck of the beautiful home of the Trevor Arnolds in Useless Bay Colony. Despite the breeze, it was a lovely day (once we got ourselves sheltered in the lee!). Lots and lots of golfers finishing up at the third hole, and teeing off from the fourth. Made the famous sketcher's mistake of trying to capture too much, but it does convey the flavor of the scene.