Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chris and Jude's Home

Thank you to Chris and Jude for welcoming the Sketchers into their fastastical dwelling where very surface and object is artful and fascinating.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rally round the flag

“Today is Memorial Day, when we recall all those who gave everything in the darkness of war so we could stand here in the glory of spring.”
-President Obama 2012

Chris' reading chair (without Chris)

The talent and workmanship is overwhelming.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Island, Spoiled Dog Winery, and Chris and Jude's Home

Okay, so I'm getting caught up with past sketches now that my printer and computer are finally talking to each other once again. On 5-18-12 I had the pleasure of sitting in this cozy kitchen and getting to know this gorgeous stove. Also I was sitting next to the coffee and goodies that our most gracious hostess provided for us.
So now I have the pleasure of sitting in another amazing Whidbey home. This hand crafted jewel was a delight everywhere I looked. I was captured by this sunny spot overlooking the shipping lanes, the mountains, and fabulous nature. I can imagine cuddling up in this chair reading and gazing. Chris said it looked like there is a racoon sleeping in the chair. I think this sketch will lead to a full on oil painting. I might just put that raccoon there.
Obviously not in chronological order, but nevertheless I'm posting. This is a good thing. A chilly, misty, sunny, lovely day at the Spoiled Dog Winery for this one. My first day back for sketching after a long break. It's so good to be back.

Friday, May 25, 2012


At the head of the stairs in this most spectacular of houses, a striking composition of bone and white against a brilliant blue rough plaster wall. 

Even the Little Pumphouse!

Even the little pumphouse at Chris and Jude's was absolutely charming!
As I sat on the front steps and began this little sketch the warm sun came out
onto this amazing view!

beautiful whidbey house

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Something Special

I can't begin to describe the home of Chris and Jude. But this is what I wrote in my email to the other sketchers:

 "If you love drama, whimsy, craftsmanship, gargoyles, art glass and optical illusions, don't miss this one. Chris built the place himself and describes the style as ecclesiastical. The setting is also dramatic,  perched on a hill overlooking shipping lanes in the distance. You will know you are on the right track when you pass a Roman ruins on the property." There was something to surprise and delight at every turn. I chose the downstairs bath, but due to poor planning, only got a piece of it.
When the clock struck Happy Hour, the sketchers migrated to Ott & Murphy's in downtown Langley for refreshments. This is their lovely Wine Flight presentation, served outside on the sidewalk in the sunshine along with olive torte, cheeses, crackers, nuts,  etc. Every single wine in the flight was wonderful.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mosquito Fleet Regulars

Oh my gosh, the mushroom quiche was so delicious and worthy of a sketch itself with the fresh salad of berries and spinach surrounding it. I think these lively gentlemen must be regular customers at Mosquito Fleet Chili. Sorry I couldn't squeeze in their 4th---bad planning on my part.

The Cousin's Room

Thanks so much to Barbara Strom and daughter Mary for hosting us Sketchers. Barbara let us have the run of the house and I was charmed by this large upstairs room with huge windows looking out on Baby Island. I spent the afternoon imagining what it must be like to be a child in their family, playing and sleeping with siblings and cousins in this warm, welcoming room that has been furnished especially for them.

Welcoming Committee

I recently visited my old home in Napa and stayed with wonderful friends, the Hamlers. Their exuberant  trio of little pooches were full of personality.

Breakfast Sketching at Mosquito Fleet Chili

Rita and Chris, proprietors of Mosquito Fleet Chili, are big fans of the Sketchers. We always feel welcome sketching there.

As I was finishing this sketch of the apron, Rita asked if she could buy a copy of it as a gift for her mother. Her mother made the apron. How sweet is that? Well, of course I gave her a copy for her mom.

Rita calls this stove her baby. I think it's probably the most fabulous thing in this fabulous cafe, except for the home cooking. You can taste the love in the food.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sketching the Sketchers

I think I enjoy the apres-sketch get togethers even more than the scheduled sketch meets. Sitting around a table with beautiful sketcher friends and a glass of wine, I can really get into the zone. I cherish many of the "happy hour" portraits I've done of them.


I sat out on the back patio of Barbara and Mary's house, under the pine and flowering apple, listening to the musically trickling fountain, with humming birds all around, sparrows in the throes of spring love, herons gliding past at eye level over the water, listening to the sketchers all around me happily painting and chatting. Out on Baby Island two bald eagles came in for a rest - one landed in the top of the clump of trees that crown the island, the other stood at attention on the grass. In the two hours I sketched, the tree eagle took off twice to skim the water and snag a fish, carrying it back to its perch in the treetop. The other eagle never moved - just stood swiveling his big, shiny white head around to survey his domain. What peaceful, lovely day in idyllic surroundings.

Barbara & Mary's Lyrical Garden

A huge thank you to Barbara and Mary Strom for the warm welcome and chance to gather and sketch in your delightful home and gardens.
I thought this drawing was going to be about the pot of flowers in the foreground, but I think it turned out to be about the cat sculpture. No one ever accused me of planning a composition. Phyllis called it lyrical and I like that. My drawings seem to unfold in ways I never expected. I thought this one captured the sense of fun, whimsy and vitality of the garden.

Sketch #2. Unfinished, but here it is.

baby island view

a beautiful setting to sketch.   great view of baby island in the background.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lilacs: Sketching Under the Influence

The fragrance of lilacs in the house from just one bouquet is just intoxicating. I am nuts for lilacs and they are just starting to peak at my house. To me they are the most sensuous, voluptuous and beautiful of all flowers. And the colors!

Look, Kris! No ink line!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cultus Bay Nursery

So many sketching inspirations at the wonderful Cultus Bay Nursery......

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cultus Bay Nursery

Cultus Bay Nursery was humming with activity: birds, gardeners, customers, sketchers and the cat Iggy. With it's fresh gardens, animals and sheds, it  was a delightful place for an afternoon of drawing with our old friend, the Sun.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

shrimping with my cousin roy

Sunny Day Sketching

Colorful Cart and Cultus Bay Nursery.

A little bit of Spoiled Dog Winery, sometimes it was sunny,
sometimes it was rainy....fabulous wine!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bayview Market

I'm having such a blast sketching, I can't quit. The Bayview Market was teeming with folks; I just loved capturing the various characters, both the venders and the shoppers. A beautiful sunny warm day, local fabulous musician, chatting with the folks in the booths around me .... ah, Langley, you are sweet!


Cultus Bay Nursery

Sketching is a fantastic way to get to know the island's nooks and crannies. Cultus Bay Nursery was a sweet treat for this recently gardenless gardener. The Spanish lavender was attracting bees like crazy; a hummingbird roared by repeatedly; I learned that you can put swallow boxes out and they will be nested in! Also, a quick sketch of fellow Sketcher, Sherryl.

Spoiled Dog Winery

New to Langley, but an admirer of the Sketchers for a long time, I joined the Sketchers for a day of drizzle, chilly breezes, and a whole lot of fun.  Here's my first blog entry!!  This could be habit forming....  plus, the wine was excellent. That's fellow Sketchers Mary on the left & Sherryl on the right in their little lawn chairs.

Spoiled Dog Winery


One of our blog followers came all the way from Sequim to join us for sketching at Cultus Bay Garden on Friday! We really enjoyed having Priscilla Patterson and her husband join us for the afternoon and she did some fabulous sketches, including this one.  She was lucky enough to catch the resident long-horned cow at siesta. Everyone said it looked just like Ferdinand the Bull, but I suspect "he" might be "she", as I remember hearing about some calves in past years. Lets face it, a set of horn like that will make any girl look a little butch.

By Priscilla Patterson
One of the many interesting things about Priscilla is that she is an aviation artist! Check out  her blog: http://www.priscillamessnerpatterson.blogspot.com/

Friday, May 11, 2012

A beautiful day in a beautiful spot

 At Cultus Bay Nursery among the spring plants and flowers, listening to all the singing birds, communing with Iggy the cat and sketching. I staked out a spot in front a charmingly rustic potting shed made from lattice. Inside I spied some Bleeding Hearts and outside some blue (Lobelia??) I don't know, but the lilacs trees were blooming. It was a great day, fun to see the Sketchers again and great to get a little sunburn.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

OM Again

Another lovely evening at Ott and Murphy Wines sketching to Janie and Joe and sipping OM's delicious wines. Janie and Joe rocked the house!

langley evening street scene.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spoiled Dog Winery

Sketching at the Spoiled Dog Winery on Maxwelton in the rain!  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Choosing a Still Life

Studio 106 has all the props you could possibly want to set up a still life. What an inspiring place to spend a rainy afternoon!