Monday, February 25, 2013

Catching up

What a wonderful sunny day I enjoyed sketching Langley Fabric & Antiques. LangleyFineFabric&Antiques.  This past week was sunny also and I loved sketching the light at Judith's, not to mention the gabfest and party afterwards.

still life setup

Fayetteville, NC

Can you tell they're Military?
Lisbeth, I'd like you to teach me how you put together your travel sketches in a montage.  I can't seem to control how they land on the page.
These are from our visit to North Carolina.

Viva the Bean, Fayetteville NC


People of Interest

People who caught my eye during my recent Hawaiian sketching holiday.

At the gate:

 On the plane:

Pretty Boy 1
Pretty Boy 2

Blonde Curls

Tattooed Glamor Girl
During my pedicure at Smiley Nails:

During Sherryl's psychic reading:

Out and about:

Jamal (in dreadlocks)
Sunbather Beach 69

Bow tie girl at Brasserie du Vin in China Town

Shirtless old guy blowing a conch horn
Fit European in China Town

Waitress - Ken's House of Pancakes

Park Ranger Phyllis

Real Hawaiin (or Samoan?) dad
Thang French Coffee and Smoothies

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Judith's Amazing Art Space

This is just a sampling of the many fanciful objects Judith arranged for our sketching pleasure in her amazing studio. Something to delight the eye everywhere you looked!

Time to Toss the Tulips

Those gorgeous tulips from Pike Place Market last Saturday?  Guess it's time to finally toss them out.. but not before sketching them!

The Famous Red Shoes

This is Cynthia Winzenried's sketch of her famous Red Shoes.  Just love this sketch so I'm posting!  Mary

Callahan's Firehouse Gallery

This is an amazing drawing by Judith Van Arnam.   Feb. 1, 2013 @ Callahan's in Langley.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Homage to our Honolulu Hostess

Cathy's hospitality in Honolulu blew us away! We felt very pampered and fortunate. I loved sketching Cathy  in all her beautiful, fun, colorful Hawaii clothing, especially the red polka dot apron.
Cathy searing ahi
Cathy working at kitchen counter

Sherryl watching as Cathy prepares something fabulous for dinner

Cathy painting in kimono
Cathy's table
Cathy's painting desk with view of windstorm outside

Cathy on our last night, finally sitting down.
Cathy with turquoise ink

Studio at the End of the Island

Judith's studio space in the woods at the very tip of Whidbey Island is so lovely. And she provided us with a wonderfully eclectic assortment of subjects to sketch, but I was immediately drawn to the view from the back window, into the trees and out to the quaint little building in the back.  I enjoyed it so much that I drew it two ways - the second view with a parrot!

Sketchers Oahu Holiday

Trio of Whidbey Island Sketchers ----Sue, Robin and Sherryl---on my couch. And Bishop Museum's exhibit of Alfred Shaheen's vintage aloha wear.

Sketchers Oahu Holiday

Sue and Sherryl at Mokuleia Beach prior to Sue's Big Adventure. Then the Lost Slipper Tree at Waimea Bay on Oahu's North Shore.

Sketchers Oahu Holiday

Daredevilish Sue geared up and ready to skydive at Dillingham Airfield on Oahu's North Shore.

Big Island Sketching

We had a week on the Gold Coast of the Big Island, staying with friends in a condo. This was not my "sketching week", but I managed to get a few sketches in anyway, especially on the beach days!

Beach 69
Kids digging a well on the beach. They did hit water!
Bob, reading at Beach 69
Sitting across from Candace at Lava Lava Beach Club

Beach 69

Beach 69

View from the condo lanai

Candace, bird watching at Place of Refuge
The pool at our condo
Waiting at the gate at Kona Airport with purple ink and a box of Neocolor II
Stay tuned for week two on Oahu with Cathy, Sherryl and Robin!