Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Highway 525 Sketch Rally

The challenge was this:  Highway 525 Sketch Rally

"Grab your sketchbook, get in your car and head for the highway. Make at least 3 stops and sketch something you can see from the side of the road.  The Challenge: 3 sketches: 1 animal, 1 vegetable, 1 mineral (interpretation entirely up to the sketcher)."

I had a ball with this challenge.  Thanks, Sue, for thinking this up.


Vegetable (The PICKLES Deli sign @ Ken's Korner)

Mineral (my diamond wedding ring) while sketching in the car!
And, we met up at Cozy's in Clinton to compare results.  Fun time!


  1. I like you selection of sketch to meet the criteria for the challenge. These are great.

  2. As the only sketcher who successfully completed the challenge, you win the prize! Everyone else has been disqualified for fraud, cheating, and other sins.

  3. And to give credit where credit is due - the sketch rally was Julie's idea, not mine.

  4. Great interpretation of subject matter. I love the pickles image. Not sure a pickle is a vegetable though. Most likely falls under the category of mineral.