Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Manzanillo Sketches

I apologize for being a blog hog, but I told some folks I met in Mexico to check the blog in a week to see some of these sketches. So I have to post them in case they actually check!  I did these on our excursions away from Casa Maya.

Annie's fabulous art studio on the 3rd (or was it the 4th?) floor of her casa.
Calle Cinco, Manzanillo
Marianna, Emily y Eric - Manzanillo Chinese Restaurant
Guitarist on Chicken Beach

The movie was so bad I started sketching Barbara

The Braider and the Braided at Chicken Beach

Guitarist at Senor Gao's restaurant

Family dining at the next table at Senor Gao's

Barb on her 2nd date with the cowboy chaperoned by all the sketchers.
She told him she comes with a posse and she wasn't kidding!

'Tuba y Pina' vendor at Chicken Beach

Birds, bathing beauties and balloons at Chicken Beach
This is a pretty crappy sketch, but it cracks me up. Those 3 figures heading into the water are Phyllis, Barb and Faye.

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