Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sketching the Maiden at the Island County Historical Society

I knew before I went to sketch at the museum that the Maiden of Deception Pass would probably be my subject. She's a carved figure in the style of a totem painted in beautiful turquoise, green, pale pinks, white and black. The myth captured me when I had read it a few years back. Probably because it’s a kind-of mermaid story and I’ve always been attracted to mermaids. They live in the sea and who wouldn’t want to breath under water and see the wonders? She accidentally slips into the water and a merman takes her hand. She eventually marries him to provide food for her people. I included a link to the story at the end if you’re interested in reading it.

My first sketch is a quick study of the maiden. Too pretty. She’s crude and I love that about the carving. Even though I'm not happy with her prettiness I like the sketch for how the watercolor went down. This is done in a small Stillman and Birn Beta hardbound sketchbook. Fairly thirsty stuff, but takes watercolors nicely.

My second sketch I bit off too much size wise. It became unwieldy and was taking too long to dry. This was done in an A4 moleskin wc book. Had a lot of fun playing with the paint, making marks and blobs.

While waiting for paint to dry, I turned around for a quick sketch of this ceremonial robe. Didn’t get a chance to read about it cuz happy hour. I got priorities.

Here's the link to the myth: