Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back to the Birds

Sketching at Hookbill Aviary Friday afternoon was such a joyful experience, as always! We all spend so much time talking to the birds, feeding them, laughing at their antics, running around pretending to be pirates with birds on our shoulders, there's hardly time to sketch. Every time I go, I think, "Why aren't I coming here every week?", if only for the endorphins.

The flamboyantly colorful birds always get all the attention. I decided to focus on Bomber because he was a little drab and maybe a little lonely.  I don't know how he got his name.

The love birds were cuddled up grooming one another. So adorable. The other guy was on my left arm as I tried to sketch him with my right hand.
Tried using colored pencil on the macaw. Not crazy about the results. I've got a lot to learn about working with colored pencils.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hookbill Aviary

Sketching at the aviary is always a great experience - the birds make sure we feel welcome with a VERY loud greeting (probably really about Sue's bag of bananas and Claudia's bag of unsalted peanuts). Natalie danced with a beautiful pink bird and Sherryl's green feathered friend sat on her shoulder and watched her paint for a really long time. 

It was balmy and cozy inside while the sky dumped rain outside. Such a fun day with the dancing, chatting and laughing birds. Plus, a terrific opportunity to use some bright colors!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sketcher Halloween Night Out

A few of us went to sketch Boo La La Burlesque for Halloween at WICA last Friday night. We met Draculala, Dirty Diana, Fuchsia Fox, Disco Pony and more. So much fun!





Ever notice how much Dracula has in common with old, caped Elvis? This is the sort of insight you gain while sketching.

 At the after party in Zech Hall, we all sketched Phil, the piano player. After the after party was over, we headed to Mo's, and were joined by Colin in pink bunny pajamas (or something).


And I wish I could figure out how to eradicate the blue shadows in my scanned images!

Hat Monster and Happy Hour

The annual Uncommon Threads sale put on by the Whidbey Weavers Guild was a feast of color, textures and pattern. Extraordinarily beautiful and sensual. Everything begged to be touched. We must go back again next year.

I call my sketch "Reflection of a Hat Monster". Enough said.

Happy Hour at the Greenbank Grille was a hit with the sketchers.  $4/glass for 14 Hands wines and beer on tap. Can't beat that. Here's the bartender. Sort of.
I added color to both of these at home. I must say I think they both looked better before color.