Monday, October 30, 2017

Sculpture within and without..

I love going to Jerry's  display studio, his work is so unique!  Open the door and you have a totally different sculpture. A sculpture within and the one you see on the outside.
This time I tried concentrating on the faces within and planned to just sketch with the Walnut ink.  So much for that idea.  The pen decided to say it was low and the temptation to add a bit of color overwhelming.  I tried to concentrate on the details without worrying about exact measurements.
Kemble peeking out

I called this Moonface

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Another terrific trip to Whidbey Island artist JERRY WENNSTROM'S studio in the deep woods in Clinton. There is just no way to describe the beautiful, eerie, moving sculptures and art he creates. These interactive totems just blow the viewer right away with their artistry, their strangeness, their storytelling power. Amazing art. These are masks high on a wall, and totally in keeping with the "spirit" of the season, I think. 


YIKES! I didn't date this one and can't for the life of me remember when we were there. The 6th? The 13? I am obviously a little behind on my "bookkeeping". Anyway, it was a lovely day there, as always. Pumpkins and cornstalks and chrysanthemums all around. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Colors of October

I am dazzled by the luscious colors of October.

Autumn bouquet from the yard

Bouquet at Flying Bear Flower Farm
Still life on the purple bench by my kitchen door
A blaze of glory in my backyard