Sunday, May 15, 2011

The power of a sketch on a rainy NW Sunday

Bougainvillea is a total color experience. Like a Mark Rothko painting.
We were immersed in reds, fuschias and violets..and some other colors
too.... I love my sketchbooks, next best to being back there!
This was view from Casa Maya's pool, looking I think, north.

And I could simply turn around to this.

Our pool buddy.

Warm and soft mornings gave us a muted view from the deck
of Casa Maya. Always, the sound of surf and birds.

Comfort....on the deck. Side window..

More comfort, color to other side.

I loved the color and reflections in the pool.

Bougainvillea landed as I sketched.

No need to go far, there were weeks of
sketching material right in front of us!
It was so nice to travel with other
sketchers, and to spend long
lazy days with just brushes and color
watching amazing things appear.
Thank you Phyllis!

Breakfast mangos in the back yard.

Bougainvillea and hibiscus surrounding the pool..
and floating in the pool. This is our sister pool.
As I sit today in warm wooly socks and double layers of fleece,
I can look at my sketchbook and go right back to the warmth,
the sun and the memories.


  1. Stunning! All are so beautiful. Luscious colors everywhere. I especially like the papaya sketch. Beautiful contrasts.

  2. These are very beautiful. I love how you choose what areas to add color, leaving others simply linear. Really neat graphic touch.

  3. Oh Faye, these are so gorgeous. I have such great memories of seeing you engrossed in your so many different locations!

  4. I always love seeing the world through your eyes, Faye. You really captured the beauty all around us.

  5. I LOVE the mangoes and bougainvillas!!! Especially the mangoes! These are classic Faye!