Monday, May 16, 2011

Magical Mexico!

What a pleasure it was for me to share my beloved part of Mexico with sketchers. Everyone was sketching dawn to dusk! Every day was sweet whether we stayed on "the compound", went up the street to Annie's home filled with folk art, visited Manzanillo or Barra de Navidad. Some sketched while we ate, while we talked, while we sat on the beach (punctuated with dips in the ocean). And, of course, there was the daily water aerobics! I miss those. Whatta way to start and spend the day. AND our glamorous dinner with Barb's new cowboy beau. (I think that was the only time no one was sketching....though lots of photos were taken).


  1. These are great! There's a wonderful freedom of expression in these. I love your use of values, color and line. Fast, instantaneous decisions, great all!

  2. Actually, I did an after-dinner sketch of Barb and the cowboy, but haven't posted it - yet! I especially like your capture of the guy taking his siesta. Someday I will get to Sea Master!

  3. Such descriptive and happy memories! I really love the shop in Barra de Navidad and the sleeping restaurant owner, much said in a few lines! That's really what it felt like.