Thursday, March 31, 2011


This shelf has it all!
I love books and feel deprived if I don't have one being read or waiting in the wings, so this week I sketched one of the book shelves at Community Thrift.  The 911 book was a reminder that 10 years have passed since this horrible event.  Travel, Garden, Art and Christmas were some of the books that I sketched.  Take a look next time you are there!


We never quite know where our Wednesday sketch sessions will take us.
We do know it is much fun to get together with like minded friends and draw
All these soft friendly teddy bears and one blue footed bird, posed at Freeland's Community
Thrift Center. Many more too!

Then on to China City. An i phone was the center of this conversation.

And just relaxing after a full day.

Sketching Time . . . .

. . . . at the Thrift Store in Freeland.  Dropped some things off, bought some others, then sat upstairs in the corner with "my" clocks.  Glad they were still all there on the wall, marking time, waiting to be sketched.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Parallel Play Time at China City

Sometimes when we are sketching together it feels like happy children having parallel play time. We are each working happily alone on our own sketches, but at the same time happy to be sketching together.This week at China City, it felt like we were sketching parallel universes.

Hundreds of Cups at the Community Thrift

Need a cup for tea or coffee? Tea would have been perfect while sketching the huge supply of cups waiting for buyers at the Thrift store today. I couldn't resist painting the variety of shapes and colors of these cups and doing a quick sketch of the sweet tea cup with cherries on it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sketching Sketchers

Through the SW Commons window.
It was a beautiful sunny day in Langley.  I took advantage of anonymity and  sketched everyone through the window.  It was a nice view of the street, so I pretended there were no cars. Pat

Friday, March 25, 2011

Observing and sketching nature

Nature is my favorite sketching subject and today while walking I noted a rufus sided towhee perched on a wild evergreen huckleberry branch enjoying the warm sunshine. Upon arrival home I immediately sketched the towhee to share and remind everyone summer is getting nearer.

Tea with the Sketchers

A sketch by Robin, a visiting sketcher from Seattle...
"The long awaited day arrived that I could meet my friend, Missy and the other sketchers at the South Whidbey Commons. We drew and painted in the sun for hours while enjoying tea and great discourse!"

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

And the sketchers were out, all of us enjoying the sun in front
of the inviting Commons outdoor seating area! Sun, color
and a Book Sale!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


. . .  a beautiful day for our neighbors!  And everyone who was out enjoying the warmth of the sun and the company of friends at the Commons Coffeehouse on Wednesday.

Sun! Spring! Flowers! Sketchers!

Oh Joy! The sun! The warmth! and the companionship of other sketchers. The South Whidbey Commons garden was full of us. I love sketching architecture...and there it was! And of course I always have to sketch other sketchers. And fun attempting to capture the back lighting on the cheeky little daffodils.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunny South Whidbey Commons

Aaahhhh. How good the sun felt as we sketched outside on the Commons patio today. The Anacortes Sketchers joined us and, as always, we had great fun. Here's my sketches...

Sketchers across the courtyard.

The visiting sketchers at work.


The sun was brilliant on the Olympics this morning!
I've been filling the inside of the house with primroses
waiting...for some sun. Maybe I'll plant today.
I found this little Navajo folk chicken in Tucson.

Obsession: A Story about Sketching

One of  many fidgety kids I've attempted to sketch
“Sit still, you little creep.”

My wife was glaring right at me across the table at Mama’s Mexican Restaurant, where we were waiting for two, piping-hot plates of carnitas de pollo, heaped high with onions and peppers.

“Did you just call me a creep?” I asked sweet Sue.

“No, it’s the brat behind you. He’s adorable and I’m trying to sketch him but he won’t stop fidgeting and making faces.” read more

 (This is a story my husband wrote in a desperate attempt to get a link on the Whidbey Island Sketchers blog.)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drawing Attention: Worldwide Urban Sketching News!

Checking our blog stats this morning, I discovered we were getting some traffic referrals from the Urban Sketchers blog. Why? Well, it turns out that our own Lisbeth is now the Lois Lane of Urban Sketching, reporting all the sketching news that's fit to print for Urban Sketchers! She's the new volunteer writer/editor for their Drawing Attention page. And we knew her when she was just a cub reporter/blogger for Whidbey Island Sketchers. Check it out.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Langley Brews

Charred man sculpture

I warmed up on the Charred Man and glass torch.  Interesting art??  After that, like a moth to the flame, when the sun came out I realized that Phyllis, the frame, the bar and the sunny reflections in the window attracted my attention.  I like the rectangles upon rectangles and thanks Phyllis for dressing in such a complimentary color and making the whole thing work.  Pat

Hanging my Braeburn Sketch Show

Looking insane after hanging my show at the Braeburn
I look (and was) completely crazed after 2 hours of hanging my first show. Truth be told, Sherryl did most of the work while I got stressed out fussing with tape measures and calculations and worrying about keeping the staff late. She finally perfected the "Goldfinger" method of marking the spot for the nail hole with her finger while holding the art in place with the other hand. It was effective, but reportedly caused much pain and suffering that she just wouldn't shut up about. As she points out, I now owe her BIG.

There are 19 framed prints of some of my favorite sketches from the past year -- most of which depict people and places on South Whidbey. The show will be up through April 11. 8 pieces have sold so far - including 2 to people I don't even  know!

My sketches at The Braeburn
What a journey this has been for me - from Faye's sketching class to my own show in a year-and-a-half. I never would have gotten here without the support, encouragement and friendship of the Whidbey Island Sketchers. Thank you all. Thanks also to Lisa, the new owner of The Braeburn for offering me this opportunity to share my sketches. And a special thanks to Sherryl for all her expert help with hanging the show. I'm just giddy.

Dee Doyle Art and Soul: Sketching with the Whidbey Island Sketchers

Sue~ A little overworked ~ Do you think they'll invite me back?
Dee Doyle Art and Soul: Sketching with the Whidbey Island Sketchers: " I spent the afternoon sketching with some great folks from the Whidbey Island Sketchers group in Langley at a tiny little micro brew place.  As the new kid, I felt very welcomed and comfortable.  Since I haven't been out sketching with a group very much, I was a tad tentative at first, but shortly got in to the swing of things.  I brought my Doc Martins [paints not boots] and continued to experiment.  Although I have yet to master them, I had a lot of fun, and lots of excuses for being loose!

I guess the paints were a hit, because several of the artists said they are probably going to order some.  Hey, Doc Martin [and Cheap Joe] do you do finder's fees?  I understand a lot of Hydrus watercolors are being bought by Pacific Northwest artists!."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Amber Waves of Grain

Amber beer , my favorite!

Glad to be Back with the Sketchers!

What a great group! It is so good to be back with "The Sketchers"! Here are a few of my efforts at Olde World Ales and Lagers. I was thinking I wasn't very inspired by the venue, but found a few views to sketch. When all else fails it is always fun to sketch the other sketchers. They at least stay pretty still for awhile, unlike unsuspecting passer-by models.

Olde World Ales

Here's a couple of my sketches from Olde World Ales and Lagers in Langley on Wednesday. As dark as these are I'm fairly pleased. I was in a "throw the paint down" kind of mood.

Phyllis was sunk into a big white chair that had some interesting shape and fold characteristics. Apologies, Phyllis, there is no likeness. I'm not sure it's done yet. I'm considering adding a subtle wash into the face.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Arizona Sun Break!

Dark, rainy and cold in Seattle,
I spent my first morning in Arizona
sitting and sketching by the pool
Not for long by the pool. We soon met up with
painter friends and headed for the Grand Canyon.
I tried a quick sunrise sketch, but the paint actually
froze on the paper. Beautiful pile of colored ice crystals,
but...they didn't last.

Did manage a quick color spot sketch in the sun.
The colors changed constantly. I don't remember
a more challenging subject to....."sketch"
Fresh snow on the rim was stunning!
The next day we were back down in the desert
painting the Four Peaks. A much longer
oil study is still unfinished.
At sunset, I sat down on the ground and did this
quick, much more relaxed play with color.
I love sketching!
My friend Susan's baby bouganvilla.....
We spent the next few days in Tucson, and each
morning walked to Raging Sage Coffee, with the best
scones ever! It is so great to be with artist friends
that want to sketch too!
The Arizona Inn is an old classical inn built in the
1930's. It is an elegant, colorful and immaculately
groomed site a short walk from our friends' house.
This got a bit overworked....yes.... I didn't want to
Pleasant memory.
Back in Phoenix, and 3 blocks of Harley's mostly,
for Biker Night in downtown Mesa. Chrome, lights and
rock bands on each corner, and, well people MY..age,
getting on these bikes .
This happens every month there, if anyone is
in the area, check it out! Sketch overload! Visiting with
family kept us on the move, this, a quick sketch!
Another must, along with the Phoenix Art Museum and
cruising through a handful of good Scottsdale galleries is the
Desert Botanical Garden. We hit a windy day, but
there are endless shapes and colors!
I want to go back!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Prepping for Italia

Excitement is running very high in my household as we prepare for 15 days in Italy (yes, we will have a house/cat sitter so no break-ins!).  I've officially started my travel sketchbook, recording our itinerary and travel prep.   Looks like I may even hook-up with an urban sketcher in Rome for a couple of hours sketching and sipping vino together!  Magnifico!

Patterns & Textures at Bayview Nursery

Serafina sketched this display of textiles rich in patterns, textures and color at Bayview Nursery a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, March 11, 2011


"TO CROP .  .  .  .   .

So MUCH from which to choose!  But the kitchen, with its copper pans, orchid, amaryllis and bamboo plants, maiolica crockery and perky rooster pitcher called to me the most.  The Nutcracker Chef and I settled in at the cozy little table for a long and satisfying sketching session.