Saturday, May 14, 2011

Casa Maya Sketching

Casa Maya was our home during the sketchers' week in Manzanillo. Everything was just spectacular - the views, the house, the art, and the company. Big hugs and kisses to Phyllis for making it all possible. A grand time was had by all.  Here are some sketches I did in and around la casa. (I know, it's too many to post, but I lack restraint.)

View from Casa Maya's balcony

Sketching everything in front of me from the shade of the palapa
Julie and Phyllis sketching in the palapa

Casa Maya interior

Hibiscus on the pool deck

Walls of painted masks above the bar in the palapa

Yellow casa next door as seen from Casa Maya's roof in morning light

Pink hibiscus in Casa Maya's entry
Phyllis naps in palapa

Yellow Casa as seen from the pool

View of hillside from Casa Maya balcony

Hibiscus by the pool
Mayans on the wall
Truman relaxes after a night swim.

Poolside bougainvillea with Mayan god head
The view from my bed at Casa Maya


  1. Sue, these are all so good....and they bring back the memories!

  2. Sue, these are such a delight! I love your color and freedom, it was such fun to watch these appear!

    I'm so glad you didn't restrain, this is a fabulous visual narrative of our week! You were champion sketcher and we are all grateful.

  3. Beautious all! Love the rich colors & nice job on the perspective of the yellow casa. Welcome back.

  4. Thanks everyone. And these are just the ones I did at Casa Maya! The colors of Mexico are so inspiring. I'm determined to bring these colors into my life back home.

  5. Just don't paint your house purple! Yes, these are luscious. Quite lovely and spontaneous.