Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family Picnic Sketching

I really enjoyed sketching at the Pedersen family picnic this weekend. 11-year-old Michelle coined a new phrase,"grin cramps".

Michelle did a lovely watercolor sketch in my sketchbook of Grandma and Grandpa's backyard. Now I wish I'd given her a clean page to work on,.

And of course I did a sketch of Michelle sketching! Glad I had an extra sketchbook with me. That's my blue Lamy fountain pen she's using. This is my favorite sketch of the day because it captured the moment and the spirit of the gathering.

LaRae in the colorful lawn chair and Dan in the daisies. I was actually sketching the daisies, but then Dan came along and sat right in the middle of my sketch. I adapted.

Grandpa Roby and his son Robert. I think I see a family resemblance. It's the right hand. Robert, I shaved 20 years off your age and I gave you an extra arm. You're welcome.

Friday, July 29, 2011

South Whidbey Commons

The South Whidbey Commons, one of our favorite sketching locations, asked us for a sketch "portrait" of the building. Many of the sketchers are submitting sketches for them to choose from. I took some photos and did these three versions. All are overworked, as usual, but I think the top one is the best. Sure wished I had one of the white marker pens for this one!

And I sketched these sunflowers inside the Commons when we met for sketching a couple of weeks ago.

Bo in the Backyard

The Inn at Langley from Mary & John's backyard

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

San Juans

Pete and I camped last week under the tall trees. It has been such a cold summer the foxglove are still in bloom and the moss is still green.

South Whidbey Commons

I enjoyed a warm bowl of soup and a couple of hours of sketching at South Whidbey Commons.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mother and Daughter

I thoroughly enjoyed sketching these two beauties, Stephanie and Alyscia. They were patient and held their poses like professionals. We knew Stephanie was a pro at Mo's. She's our favorite wait person.

This sketch was done in my Moleskine pocket accordion, a small sketchbook that expands. It's limited to 5" high but the width is left up to the imagination. The paper has a waxy surface that's resistant to watercolor giving drawings a look I've come to appreciate.

The first pose was quite long allowing me to experiment with different papers, watercolor and line-brushwork. I think this is Punjab paper. It's a nicely bound watercolor sketchbook I've had for many years. The paper is very rough with deckled edges and takes watercolor beautifully. I used a large squirrel hair mop, loading it with a couple colors then applied the paint broadside.
Stephanie taking a sleep-break during this warm afternoon.
Thank you for sitting, Stepanie and Alyscia!

Sketching Stephanie and Alyscia

Stephanie & Alyscia
We've been wanting to sketch Stephanie, our favorite server at Mo's Pub,  for a while. It finally came together yesterday. We had the opportunity to sketch both Stephanie and her beautiful daughter Alyscia at Studio 106. They both have the most beautiful eyes and mouths. I wish I could have done them justice.
Alyscia, of the almond-shaped eyes and bee-stung lips
Stephanie sleeps beautifully

Saturday, July 23, 2011

SW Commons

This is for Lois.  Her scanner is not cooperating, so I have scanned her sketches and am posting for her.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Coupeville Races

I managed to make it to Coupeville, but it was Monday.  The boats were sailing up and down the center of Penn Cove, kids were playing in the muck on the beach and the tide was what I call a super minus.
Racing up and down

SW Commons

Hi Petra,
I couldn't be there on Wednesday at the proper time, so ended up taking photos and working from them.  The light was nice, but I think you were closed.  Somehow these sketches seem static to me and I would like to do better, but lately time..... Pat

Little bookstore,-Big heart  South Whidbey Commons - Coffee too!

This looks so barren without people

Thursday, July 21, 2011

But Where Were the Boats?

Last year the Whidbey Island Sketchers gathered at the end of the Coupeville Wharf to sketch the sailboat races during Whidbey Island Race WeekHundreds of boats raced right by the wharf all afternoon.

So yesterday, again we gathered.  After watching the races from my office window on Monday and Tuesday, I couldn't believe my eyes when I arrived at the wharf.  Yesterday they raced the Saratoga Passage course waaay over by Camano Island.  From the wharf, they were just specks on the horizon.

So here is a rare view of Race Week from the Coupeville wharf - without any boats!  Alas.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Annette Hanna's South Whidbey Commons Sketches

Sue & Kris sketching

In front of the Commons
Artist, Annette Hanna, spends her summers on Whidbey and occasionally joins us for weekly sketching. These are her delightful sketches at South Whidbey Commons.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Splattering at the South Whidbey Commons

Good coffee and food, music, readings, local characters, comfortable seating and host to community groups has made the South Whidbey Commons one of Langley's crown jewels. It's friendly and friendly to we sketchers. Here's to the success of the Commons, ting!
I'm feeling quite rusty these days since sketching has taken a backseat to other endeavors. That's my excuse for this funky sloppy sketch. When all else fails throw paint at it. But I do like the splatters. Takes a little practice to get the brush load, aim and number of splats just right.

No splats here! A sketch of the warm and hospitable Mary, a Whidbey Island Sketcher. Thanks for having us to your beautiful yard garden!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Serendipity Strikes Again

Eddie McGehee: "The Songs, Stories and Images of the Great Depression"
So there I was, 8:30 Friday night, on my way to the car to head home when I heard music and laughter coming from South Whidbey Commons. Eddie McGehee was playing songs and telling stories about the Great Depression. The place was packed and everyone was singing along. Eddie is a sketcher's dream - the hat, beard, overalls, guitar, flowing white hair. I just happened to have my art bag with me, so I had to try to get a sketch.  I didn't see much of the show, but enough to see that Eddie is a real crowd-pleaser. It looked like a really fun and educational show.

The lovely and talented Simone, a fellow artist
I had to work fast and sketch standing up to see over the crowd and I noticed a cute little girl standing on a chair next to me looking over my shoulder. She told me, "You draw good!"  She had been making her own pictures and showed me her fabulous crayon drawings. Recognizing a kindred spirit and connoisseur of fine art, I offered to draw her picture after the show ended. No time for color -- they were closing up, so I did added watercolor later at home. What a fun way to end the evening!

Friday, July 15, 2011

2nd Street Market & Commons Garden

A sunny, breezy friday afternoon in Langley.  Enjoyed sketching in the garden at the Commons...

... and had a great view to sketch the 2nd Street Market.

Sketching the Commons in the sun

It was a lovely sunny day to be out sketching and meeting up with friends.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Freeland Art Studios

Caught Sue Taves polishing her current masterpiece.
So many breathtaking pieces of art.

Greenbank Cellars

The wine wasn't pouring, but the rain was. We all had a marvelous time sketching in Betty's art studio, despite the November weather.

Betty's 'Pet' printing press on which she creates her famous monoprints.

Happy 4th of July

On the 3rd we viewed a beautiful display outdoors.
On the 4th I viewed and sketched from inside.

A Sketch and a little Watercolor of The Commons

Did this sketch while sitting with everybody in front of the Commons building in the warm sunshine.  Funny, each time I have sketched here it has been beautiful.  Guess the only way to bring on good weather is to come here with my paints!
The landscaping in front of the Commons is so lush and beautiful right now that I wanted to try to somehow get it and the building all in the same view.  Hard. This little composite view watercolor was the result.

Sketches from Choochokam

Sketched a little at Choochokam, among all the OUTSTANDING painters from Whidbey Island Fine Arts Studio.  Daunting. 

Here are young Romeo and Juliet, arranged on a chaise. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Sketches from the Langley Artists Connect booth at Choochokam.
Brooke from 12th Night

Stripes & Sunflowers

Christina from Oliver

Sara and Megan from Oliver