Saturday, February 24, 2018

Paula Pugh's Daffodils

We braved the icy chill of an Arctic cold spell and gathered in Paula's warm home with fire, food, and baby.  She'd put a touch 'o spring on her table... beautiful daffodils.  Couldn't resist.

Mary and Big Joe's New Home

A wonderful gathering at Mary Cahoy's beautiful new home.  Thank you for opening your hearth & kitchen to us! 

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Mary Cahoy and giant puppy Big Joe have moved into their new house, and it is STUNNING! Her bedroom and bathrooms alone make it worth the price of admission! And if I had this view I would never, ever, EVER, get anything done. The Olympic mountains in the background, the BIG SKY, the eagles, the blueberry fields and forests, Gordon's Restaurant, and Nichol's Boat Works (with the construction of that seagoing "push" tug and its fascinating superstructure tower). To say nothing of the whole view of the bay at the bottom of Holmes Harbor. Can't wait to crash her fireworks party on July 3rd!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Feb. "F's" - FEBRUARY FOURTEENTH - Enjoying a Valentine Fabrication Party last FRIDAY at Whidbey Island Sketcher FAYE’S House - FABULOUS FRIENDS FOREVER with a FONDNESS for SKETCHING!!! (And FOOD, wine and FRIVOLITY, of course.) And the fruits of my labors with all the materials every brought for the Make a Valentine Day. Such FUN.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Langley Whale Center

If you haven't visited the new Langley Whale Center, I highly recommend it.  A group of very dedicated Salish Sea and whale loving people await to converse with you, allow you to enjoy their extensive exhibits, as well as to check out their delightful gifts.  I was very touched by their crusade to bring Tokitae home again... the last surviving Orca who was kidnapped out of Penn Cove back in the '70s and who continues to live in terrible confinement at an amusement park.  Bring her home!  They have a plan for her re-introduction to her native waters.  She has family here; she still speaks their dialect.  This watercolor sketch is from a sculpture by Richard Brown of resident Pod J6.