Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Djangofest

This year's Djangofest was for sure my most favorite so far. Somehow it felt I found the sweet spots, the magical music several times. The first time was indoors at The Commons. Being the comfort seeker that I am....I was looking for a warm and sheltered place to sketch. I guess the musicians did too, because there they were. The bass player, Libor Michalak, a biologist from Richmond BC liked my sketch so much he took pictures of it. The next day he was asking people if they knew how to contact me as he wanted to buy it. Emily Feffer texted me so I was able to find him and give it to him. It felt good to pay back for the wonderful music. Some of my favorite music was at Kalakala, where I just listened and schmoozed and didn't sketch. Outside at the Commons and UBCC drew me in with bouncy tunes and I was a happy sketcher. I was there all 3 days and simply had a wonderful time.I guess Happy Hour was just all over the place all of the time. And always a seat with a table. Lucky me.

The Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend

What a perfect day we had for the Wooden Boat Show!! For the first sketch I, once again, found a picnic bench with an empty seat and a terrific view. The scene was complicated as all get out, but I persevered and captured the feeling of the dock to some degree. The sun was shining, it was not too hot, sketchers and strangers stopped by from time to time for a look and a comment. All in all a very pleasant location. When I got tired of sun in my face I walked to the other side of the marina where I could look out at the open waters facing toward our sweet Whidbey and the sun on my neck. Again I found a handy bench with a place to sit and a place to put my gear. These two boats were coming and going taking folks for rides. If you look closely toward the middle of the deck of Lady Washington you will see Judi Nyerges getting sunburned. 

Comforts Winery

Okay, I'm home with a cold so it's catch up time for the WISk blog. This sketch depicts the view from the gracious big wrap around porch at Comforts Winery. Being a comfort seeker by nature, I found a place on the porch out of the wind with a chair and a table beside it. Then I looked around to see what to sketch.....and it was a no brainer. I love this grand view from the winery porch! And it was convenient to the tasting bar. Can't beat that!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sketching at the Wooden Boat Festival

I actually managed two sketches Friday morning, between a late start and lots of conversation with passersby while I sat on the dock next to the Lady Washington. When I first arrive the sun was in my eyes, so I turned around and sketched the Adventuress (sails down, flags out). Later I over-sketched her sails in, because she is so majestic under sail. 
When the sun rose higher and I was able to see the Lady Washington out of the glare, I sketched what was closest to me - the figurehead. Only the very best sailors will be able to spot the mistake I started to make on the Adventuress, but caught myself before I got too far.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Andersen Farm, Langley

Lovely place to sketch.  Thanks Dorothy for providing delicious fresh cider to go with sounds of squawking chickens and mooing cattle and beautiful things to capture our brushes and pens.

Dahlia House at Al Anderson Farm in Langley

Sat alongside the road in the sunshine in my comfy chair for 2 1/2 hours today, while the clouds tried to decide whether to dump rain. Happily, they did not, so I got this watercolor sketch all done. Later, at Happy Hour, I started to add ink to it. They took away my pens to prevent this. Nice, ladies. So here is a sketch, all watercolor, of Dorothy's beautiful dahlia garden and sweet little roadside stand.