Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring? Maybe?

April in the tulip fields. Brilliant color, cold.....
Pat, Sue and I worked from Sue's mobile studio.
Sometimes color is more beautiful on an overcast day,

We moved on a short distance to Christenson's Nursery
on Best Road, a must stop if you are in the area.
Toni and John Christenson's love of growing
things are so evident everywhere we looked.
Amazing accessories and gifts too! And an old
schoolhouse full or art.
After the cold, the sunny parakeets were a magnet.


  1. I think today is your birthday, Faye. So, Happy Birthday to you! Will have a proper celebration in Manzanillo. You should be doing something outdoors today, not posting to the blog. Those parakeets are wonderful!

  2. STUNNING! You are the Queen of Color. I love them both but the birds are particularly spectacular.