Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nature in my yard

The pond in my backyard is hidden in amongst the plants to help keep it cool for the two goldfish living there, Thelma and Louise. The fish above the pond is not either one but a metal sculptured piece for the garden.

The dragon flies were busy in the front yard today capturing yummy bugs that I couldn't even see with my naked eye. They zigzaged everywhere like wild flies showing off their beautiful colors.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whidbey Sketchers Go International

Three of us are headed to Portland, OR tomorrow to attend the 1st International Urban Sketching Symposium being held at Pacific Northwest College of Art.  Sketched my supplies before packing.  Off to join sketchers from around the globe!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Dance at the Senior Center

Friday was marimba band day at the Senior Ctr and was the place rockin'! Lots of seniors out to kick up their heels with the rhythm of the music and a great scenario for sketching. I would have joined in the dance but was having more fun sketching the people with the beautiful music. Most of the people didn't even know I was there to sketch the action. One gal I was sitting next to let me sketch her and told me why her parents gave her her unique name. I discovered that these seniors want to have fun and are not out to meet a partner but to swing with the rhythm of the music and feel young again. Great idea!
One woman who was very charming in her black hat with colorful rose, sweater, skirt, tights and turquoise socks with Maryjane shoes was unique and would have been fun to meet.
The sketches were done with graphite on newsprint. I would like to use these as drafts to sketch/paint a series of the seniors at the senior center.

After the Races at The Blue Goose

As the boats sailed out of the cove, three of us retired to The Blue Goose Inn's outdoor pub to enjoy more sun and some wonderful sangria. 

Ahhhhh...  Summer on Whidbey.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Whidbey Race Week / Coupeville Wharf

A girl in a very short skirt watched the races from the end of Coupeville Wharf. You get in my view frame, I draw you.
This Boxer was incredibly well-behaved, waiting patiently at the end of his leash for hours. He was doing more people-watching and dog-watching than race-watching. You'd be surprised at how many dogs attended this event. (And just for the record, the spectator in the straw hat was also very well behaved.)

Race Week!

 Another great day of fun with WISk members. While sketching I had a delightful conversation with two inquisitive children, Kathleen and Wesley from Bellingham, there to see their Dad race. They both love drawing so wanted to know more about what we were up to. I was so impressed with them both because of their thoughtful observations and questions. I was sketching Julie, one of our sketchers, and Wesley took note of that fact. I got in a couple sketches of them watching me draw.

 My sketch of Julie sketching and someone watching the boats.

A super fast, rough watercolor sketch. Just as I was discussing not plunking your center of interest in the center, what do I do? Plunk!

Sailboats & Spectators for Race Week

A perfect day as the Whidbey Island Sketchers convened at the end of the historic Coupeville Wharf to watch the Whidbey Island Race Week sailboats (and spectators).  I loved sketching the people as much as the boats!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A beautiful day for the races

A perfect day for sailing and sketching the action at Coupeville Wharf today. Lots of colorful sale boats dancing on the water and lots of inquiring observers watching the sketchers.

Coupeville Sailboat Races

The End of the Coupeville pier was crowded with people watching the sailboat races in Penn Cove today. It was a perfect day for sailing and sketching: sunny and breezy. The sound of the sails flapping in the wind created a stir of excitement as the racing boats passed the pier.

Julie's Secret Garden

Sshhh. . . it's a secret.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greenbank Cellars Winery ala Julie

Julie Pettis sketched the iconic Greenbank Cellars barn when we met there a few weeks ago. The tasting room is behind the door on the left side. Love the dry brushwork on the siding and the cast shadow from the tree. The "WIN" arrow is great, too!

 Julie is the best equipped sketcher in the group. She travels with her own shade!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pond at the Inn at Langley

This is my personal favorite of Julie's sketches. It's part of the very elegant landscaping in front of the very elegant Inn at Langley. Lovely work on the cement blocks around the pond.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chocolate Flower Farm by Julie

Julie Pittis' lovely watercolor sketch at Chocolate Flower Farm.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life's a Poodle at Choochokam

Away from the crowds and behind the Life's a Poodle booth at Choochokam (aka the 2nd annual Choochokam /Poodletini Party), the music was mellow and the garden cool. Life's a Poodle raises awareness about kids with learning differences. Their logo hat caught my attention as a manageable thing to sketch.

Penn Cove from Captain Whidbey Inn

Julie's first sketch with Whidbey Island Sketchers - looking out the Captain Whidbey Inn's dining room window onto the sun deck and Penn Cove.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lavender Wind Farm Gazebo

I took on the ceiling of the gazebo, which is also a lavender drying operation. It was a very cool-looking geometric design, but looking up and drawing is not easy. It was like trying to draw a very colorful spider web upside down.
And this was my view straight ahead from the same spot in the gazebo.  I switched back and forth between these two sketches while waiting for paint to dry.

If you visit the farm and find yourself drawn to the Lavender Orange Truffles or the Lavender Chardonnay Ice Cream bar, and you're asking yourself "Should I or shouldn't I?", the correct answer is YES, you should. So worth it.

Thanks, Sarah, for letting us invade the farm for an afternoon!

Gnat in the Hat

Another beautiful location and another beautiful day for sketching outdoors. Lavender Wind Farm offered so many lovely scenes. But I tried to keep it simple.

As Natalie ("the gnat") sketched the chair, I was taken by her lavender blouse and fun hat. Practice really is starting to produce improvement in my sketches.

Lavender Wind Farm

It was a brilliant day for sketching outdoors at Lavender Wind Farm. What a lovely and fragrant setting. There truly is a lavender wind and it's intoxicating. We splurged on lavender flavored ice creams and all are unique and delicious. Here's a large sketch of the lavender fields with some poppies.

Color and Sun and Lavender and Chocolate

I didn't want to leave...and can't wait to go back. There are hundreds of sketches here.  It's such a friendly welcoming place too. And, must try the chocolates!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Afternoon at Lavender Wind Farm

What an afternoon!  Sun, views, blooming lavender everywhere.  Loved sketching at beautiful Lavender Wind Farm.

View of the Olympic Mountains across Strait of Juan de Fuca from Lavender Wind Farm. 

Though known for their fabulous lavender, their poppies are beautiful too.

Kris sketching in front of lavender rows.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Julie's Choochokam - First Street

Julie Pittis has been sketching with us for more than a month and has finally let us post one of  her sketches! This is her sketch of First Street during Choochokam on Saturday. She did a beautiful job of capturing a lot of information. I love the people and all the little details - like the street lamp and the dog and the Dog House in the distance. More of Julie's sketches coming soon!


I spent my time drooling over a red motorbike and the setting sun on GHL.  Sunday, I went to Useless Bay coffee and sketched the artists playing music and the dancers.  There are two more sketches on my blog.  Pat Brookes

Choochokam Catch-Up

Posting the few drawings I did at Choochokam. I sketched people watching the artists work and Henry Stinson painting portraits. Also a couple of his models.

This ferry scene is unrelated to Choochokam. I just like it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Choochokam - Behind the scenes

Really hot in the sun and looking for some shade to settle in, I was lucky to be invited into a cool, shady garden just a few doors away from the busy street and behind Mary Larson's 'Life is a Poodle' booth (thanks to Sherryl !). What a delightful spot to listen to the music, the bustle of the crowds and sketch...the afternoon sun made the huge old Madrona glow.

Choochokam 2010

There was much happening from the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio booth this weekend.
Painting demos all day, lots of people through and just good fun! This was from the corner sitting under a shady tree. Yes...simplify.....well..
And the Whidbey Children's Theater booth across the street had lots of activity.

Getting Loose at Choochokam

My Choochokam sketches are all pretty rough and loose. Here's some of the Saturday action at the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio "Artists in Action" booth.  To protect the innocent, I have withheld the names of my unsuspecting victims.

The beer garden:

The band warms up for the Saturday night street dance.

These two teenage girls were colorful and adorable as they watched the dance. My favorite sketch of the day.
At 9 pm, the sun was long gone and it was getting chilly and breezy. This Michael Jordan fan watched the dance from the sidelines in his basketball jersey and shivered.
More people watching the street dance. Biker Bob is in this sketch twice. He actually wanted to buy the sketch. I'm going to give it to him.