Saturday, April 11, 2015

Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center

Who knew it would be so peaceful and relaxing to just sit among cages of cats? I set my chair where I could see at least 8 cats from my seat. Of course they moved as soon as I thought I had their gesture, so I just sat quietly and got to know them and tried to memorize their last posture. I got to know their names, and a little about their history and personalities. I fell for a sweet girl named Mew Mew. Oddly I didn't sketch her. My 10 year old grand daughter, Sarah, was with us for Spring Break. I think she captured Charlie 1 quite well. Thanks to Oak Harbor Cat Adoption staff for keeping these sweet kitties so clean, odor free, well fed and clearly well loved. 

Glass Alley Cafe

This island keeps surprising me. I'm a bit behind. This very delightful cafe has been in Freeland for awhile. While enjoying the peaceful surroundings of The Glass Alley Cafe, visiting with WISkers, and sketching the environs, I managed to enjoy a caesar wrap that was not only delicious, but also very generous. I need to get out and about a bit more, I guess. I will most certainly return to The Glass Alley Cafe! One of the many benefits of WISk is that we really get to know the island.

Lovies Loft

Another catch up sketch. More about costumes. Brenda Lovie designs and creates wonderful gowns especially for people who are performing in one way or another. I sketched the beautiful gowns and added glitter to the bodices, and many lovely sketches of Lovie's gowns have been I'll post this little pin cushion sketch. These little guys are holding up the world! Such effort. This little pincushion evokes all kinds of early memories for me, but I can't quite put my finger on what. Did my Mom have one of these? Maybe.

WICA Costume Loft

Okay, I'm doing a little catch up here. Starting in January when we had the pleasure of going to the costume loft at WICA. Others have long ago posted sketches of costumes and my contribution is this little stack of wonderful shoes. They all evoke something about their time, their place, their character. It was like playing in grandmas attic with clothing of days gone by.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center

We had a wonderful, relaxed afternoon sketching cats at WAIF's Oak Harbor Cat Adoption Center today. We were SO impressed with the friendly staff, volunteers and the quiet, uncrowded, odorless, relaxed environment. Most of the cats had a green cube in their kennel where they could hide from prying eyes if they wanted to be alone. Great idea for reducing the stress of shelter life. Kudos to WAIF. We love hanging out with animals and animal lovers.  Here are just a few of the furry friends we made today.

They each have their own kennel, but they like to hang out together. If you meow at Mew Mew, she answers.
Love the attitude. Seems pretty proud of those big white paws. Maybe he's saying "See? No claws."

Daffodil has been in the shelter a year - too long! Could a girl get a break?

Dartanian has amazing green eyes that are particularly stunning against his green cube. He gave me a good swat when I reached inside his kennel.  Could be why he's been there 2 years?? Jeez.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Richard Scholtz - Chicken Barn Concert Hall

I just love Clinton, WA, the Chicken Barn Concert Hall, and I adore sketching musicians!!!  Here's one from a concert last month that I just HAD to share with you-all.  Next time, I'll convince more sketchers to bring their pads!!!  Richard Scholtz is a musician from Bellingham, and is an amazing guy involved in music, education, promotion of the arts, quality of medical care...  Google him!

Glass Alley Cafe

Such a delightfully fun & artsy cafe with delicious food, generous pours, and fun staff...  Loved sitting with the birds' eye view of the kitchen.

China City

After a lovely lunch sketching at Glass Alley Cafe, we intrepid spirits sauntered over to China City.

The Buddha with the Bottles -

The Dudes with the Buddha....

Relaxing at Glass Alley

Delicious food and relaxing environment at the Glass Alley in Freeland. 
Maybe the background is a little too relaxed?


Love that Yupo. It is easy to make changes with Yupo. 
I could continue until there is nothing left of this sketch but 
I'm ready to start another experiment. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Marimba Cafe .... continued....

Here's two more sketches ... and if Marimba Cafe wants the originals, let me know!

Rubatano Marimba Cafe

Our WISK fearless leader, Sue Van Etten, and I just LOVE sketching musicians.  You've gotta be quick!!!  They don't wait for a sketch.  They move, dance, jive and the sketcher's just gotta keep up or move onto the next sketch.  Anyway, what an energetic beautiful inspiring group this was at WICA's Zech Hall.  The Rubatano Marimba Center put on a beautiful performance before some head out to Zimbabwe!!!!  Happy and safe travels to you & thanks for the great time!

Monday, March 30, 2015

FANTASTIC Skagit Valley Weekend in Bow/Edison

I rode up to the Skagit Valley with Susan to join the Whidbey Island Sketchers for fun and art. We garage-saled (well, Susan did - I read my book), we hit Starbucks, we navigated to Edison to meet the gang and have lunch at Tweets, we shopped at the fabulous "Make Art - Not War" Tri-D art store in Mount Vernon, had dinner at the Food Co-Op, scooted up the road to see "Insurgent" (FOUR!!!), then crept our way back to Mount Vernon in the dark and pouring rain to our funky little B&B. In the morning it was Big Breakfast time at the Calico Cupboard, then an expensive stop (for Susan's pastels, not for me!) at Dakota Art, then a cruise back through the valley to LaConner (where we opted to NOT join the tourista crowds for shopping). Then we made our way over the bridges, down the island, passing hundreds of cars headed to the fields. Funny, how cold we have that much fun in the Skagit and never sketch a daffodil, never see a tulip field?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Road Trip to Edison with Sue and Barbara

Another great day of sketching in Edison, WA   Sketching road trip with exploring great shops, galleries, restaurants and an amazing bakery.   These flowers were are the table at Tweets restaurant  great energy and the best food ever!  The owner was so welcoming to us as we sketched away.

We landed for happy hour sitting outside on picnic tables enjoying the view of the slough.   This building was in the distance.  Don't love this masterpiece but it's time to post and let it be.   Best part of the day was Missy from the Anacortes sketchers joined us.  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Irish Music & dancing at the Senior Center

It was all about meeting, greeting and dancing at the Senior Center last week.

All those in the band wore a bit of green for St.Patrick's Day. Sketchers always love joining in the fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rockin' at the Senior Center

We had SUCH a great time at The Senior Center with the Friday Fun Band. There was so much activity - live music, dancing, singing,  and laughter. Even when taking a break the happiness was everywhere - clapping hands, tapping feet and big smiles!