Sunday, March 24, 2019

Blue School, Westport, Hat Island

Friday and Sunday sketching!  Today while driving around enjoying our beautiful but chilly views, I came upon a view of Hat Island and decided it was worthy of stopping for a bit.  I was driving on Witter Rd and don't know the name of the street but it's on the other side of the road to Comforts Winery in case you want to try it.

Friday our group was at Blue School Arts in Clinton.  I meandered into the sunny room where Sara was working and made a sketch of a workspace and some weird thing that looks like a bunch of irons out the window.  It must be a Quonset hut??

Last week in Westport, I tried sketching boats from the car.  I decided it's not my forte!  Too many masts and hard to tell where they all come from and one of my boats looks like its falling into the water.  I like land!

Orcas Island Pottery

Yikes, I started this and realized I was on the sketchers blog instead of my own.  What the heck, maybe you'll like it anyway. Pat
A few of my favorite paintings in watercolor are gracing the walls of our Co-op.  I don't always paint larger than a quarter sheet, but the Orcas Island pottery displays were worth the challenge.
I loved the brown and blue mugs, they looked like they would be a pleasure to hold in your hand.  The giant plates on the side of the log building also attracted me.  The sun was shining making very defined shadows and the blue and transparent pinky pearl glaze on one of the plates made me want to paint.

Both of these paintings are professionally framed with conservation clear glass.  I took these photos while they were hanging on the wall at Whidbey Art Gallery so there is a slight glare because of so many lights.

Pitcher and Pear is a large 16x20 or 1/4 sheet with conservation clear glass.  All three of these paintings are available through me or at Whidbey Art Gallery in Langley, WA.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Blue School Arts

Well, I haven't posted in quite a while!  Also haven't been sketching much.  Yesterday, the sun came out and shone gloriously on us ... and almost as soon as we were done, the clouds came in with cold breezes and light sprinkles.  Big crowd 'o Sketchers!  A good number of us took advantage of the sun and sat out front ... we had lots of sketches of this very scene and it was fun to see each Sketcher's take on it.  What a cool art school!!  Thank you Blue School Arts for letting us invade!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Taproom

The Taproom was sure hopping Friday afternoon and evening. The sketchers filled the place! Almost. There were seats available for "normal" people. I probably should have sketched something more Taproom-ish but am feeling the need to practice people and the sketchers are great models.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sketching the Maiden at the Island County Historical Society

I knew before I went to sketch at the museum that the Maiden of Deception Pass would probably be my subject. She's a carved figure in the style of a totem painted in beautiful turquoise, green, pale pinks, white and black. The myth captured me when I had read it a few years back. Probably because it’s a kind-of mermaid story and I’ve always been attracted to mermaids. They live in the sea and who wouldn’t want to breath under water and see the wonders? She accidentally slips into the water and a merman takes her hand. She eventually marries him to provide food for her people. I included a link to the story at the end if you’re interested in reading it.

My first sketch is a quick study of the maiden. Too pretty. She’s crude and I love that about the carving. Even though I'm not happy with her prettiness I like the sketch for how the watercolor went down. This is done in a small Stillman and Birn Beta hardbound sketchbook. Fairly thirsty stuff, but takes watercolors nicely.

My second sketch I bit off too much size wise. It became unwieldy and was taking too long to dry. This was done in an A4 moleskin wc book. Had a lot of fun playing with the paint, making marks and blobs.

While waiting for paint to dry, I turned around for a quick sketch of this ceremonial robe. Didn’t get a chance to read about it cuz happy hour. I got priorities.

Here's the link to the myth:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Lopez Island trip to de Medici Ming Papers and more....

Well, I'm not the long-winded type but this past Friday, Saturday was special.  There is something about dropping time on a small Island with a bunch of friends that are meandering, sharing and enjoying the slower pace that happens when you leave to your got to's at home.
Our got to's were to meet at an early enough hour that we could meander up Whidbey to Anacortes to catch a ferry to Lopez.  We had two cars almost full and were meeting a couple of walk-ons sketchers at the ferry.  It was raining!!!  Didn't matter!!  Paula said it would stop by the time we got to Lopez!  She was right!!

No Rain!

We did the usual stuff checking in to the hotel, wandering around town, getting food from the Taco truck, Bakery, and coffee shop; then off to our appointment which was about 5 miles out of town.
Destination, a BIG yellow container full of art papers, stationary, calendars, cards, trinkets, and INSPIRATION!

We had to take turns poking around to find all the hidden treasures so, the rest of us hung out in the barn.  A barn full of treasures of a different sort; a large pachyderm, a minstrel, found lamps; saved scissors, saws, a collection of jam jars, lots more plus a wood stove to keep us cozy.   We opened the Happy hour supplies, sketchbooks and got to work.  Meanwhile, Terry, Caps husband, serenaded us with his original songs and guitar.  Time stopped!

Outside, the weather went from a drying mist to beautiful sunset and full dark with incredible color in the sky.  I forgot to mention we were surrounded by farms, fields and the goat farm which we visited the next day.  See Billy above.  He is golden in the sunshine, but very unkempt. I forgot to sketch his feet. 8-0!

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Tower on the Guest House at the Clay Estate, Greenbank

The Guest House on the Clay Estate in Greenbank (on Whidbey Island) sits high up on a bluff looking west over Saratoga Passage. I did not go up there but my guess is that the Tower room has a panoramic view of the water of Straits and of the main body of Whidbey Island beyond (and from that height probably Camano Island and the Cascades, too!)
We Sketchers met there today to enjoy the landscaping on the beautifully groomed grounds. It only took me moments when I arrived to decide that this view, from the circle drive approach to the building, was the perfect drawing site for me.  It was a "big bite", but I went ahead and dove in anyway. Many thanks to our hosts for the day.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Grapes for the Birds

Never Have I Ever had a bad day with the Whidbey Island Sketchers. Today was just absolutely wonderful. The weather was perfect under another popcorn sky, almost everyone turned out, we were at the Whidbey Winery so there were grapes bursting and ready to be picked, “fake birds of terror” (to another bird) were singing (electronically), the “groaning board” was heaped with good food and WINE, and we were sketching up a storm. It simply doesn’t get better than this. And we marveled yet again at how this large a group consistently gets along and supports each other so well!
When we asked what kind of grapes the ones on the fence were, the ones I was sketching, our hostess informed us they were just decorative grapes, not for wine, and they were there stricly as "sacrificial fruit", for the benefit of the birds - to keep them distracted from eating the grapes on the "money vines"! 


At the beautiful log home in the deep woods of our hostess, artist and collector of eccentrics, Janet Ross, a kitchen window full of delightful etceteras - including a row of brightly colored bottles, empty now of their soap bubble solutions, but still possessed of jaunty red hats. And a Buddha with a red glass ball. And an orange glass pumpkin. And a flying red heart. JOY on a windowsill.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunday sketching & Cloudstone

It was a warm day at Cloudstone, but it was so relaxing to wander through the trees and visit the many earthworks and sculptures set in the Trees.  My sketch was done in the shade of a bulldozer.

This Sunday was another one of those special days where you want to "just be out there enjoying the day".  I started to drive somewhere and got around the corner from my home and decided heck, the Dahlia house looked like a good subject.  Crazy perspective on the back of the bench but!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sue and Case

I did this one from a photo after I got back home. This is our warm-hearted Sue walking with one of the little ladies that she checks in on regularly. Her visits clearly mean so much to so many. Thank you Sue for being who you are.

Sketching Weekend

It's kinda cool when I look at my sketchbooks and think of all of you.....who I was sitting with, the wonderful sharing and connection. I miss you all! It was GREAT weekend visiting Whidbey Island!

Madrona colors

Thanks to Missy for a shared blop of Transparent Pyrol Orange and to Sandra for a shared blop of Lapis Lazuli. We also found some new pencils with 3 colors in the lead, but they weren't water soluble. 

But the cold day made my Anacortes madrona grove story more haphazard than Sue's -  fresh wet colors in my paint box and no testing before it touched the page. I was balancing all my gear and dancing around on a hill to stay warm, then oops, touched the wrong blue and I had "midnight in the grove."

Madronas on a Cloudy Day

A few of us sketched with the Anacortes Sketchers at the Madrona Grove in Anacortes last Monday. It was an overcast day, chilly, breezy, no shadows, no sunny back lighting.

Very different than last year's sketch at the same location:

Poetry (and Hula Hoops) in Motion

She was hula hoop dancing for tips on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Port Townsend, right next to the tarot card reader in the gypsy wagon. Drawing her was impossible, but what the hell. Her name is Alex Eisenberg.