Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sketching @ UUCWI

So very pleased at the turnout for the reception/sketchout at "my" Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island. Lots of sketchers doing their "thang", and a nice "drop-in" of people from around the community. They all seemed to love the display of our work, our sketchbooks and to see us in action!
"The Lectern and the Chalice"

Whidbey Island Sketchers Show

Judi put together a terrific Whidbey Island Sketchers show at UUCWI In Freeland. And it is wonderful to leisurely thumb through the many sketchbooks on display. They're personal journals that give a glimpse into the artist's life. All are very unique and special.

One of the many pluses of sketching with the sketchers is there's always models to draw. And they sit pretty still. Here's my sketches of the day. The main congregation room with Judi.

 And a sketch of new member, Marissa. Thanks for sitting fairly still, Marissa. Nice to meet you!

Whidbey Whimsy: Judi's Papier-mâché Birds

Judi and the UUCWI art committee did a beautiful job of displaying Whidbey Island Sketchers' work at the Whidbey Whimsy art show at the Unitarian church. But the sketchbooks were my favorite part of the exhibit. You may never again have the opportunity to see all these fabulous sketchbooks in one place and be able to flip through and enjoy them at your leisure. Truly a visual feast. I sketched the fun and fantastical wildlife -- papier-mâché creatures sculpted by Judi Nyerges. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Maple Ridge

On the far side of the room I met a quiet woman named Shirley.  She exudes inner peace - though I'm sorry to say that it is beyond my skill set to capture it. She has a gentle smile that feels like deep contentment. I offered her paper and asked her if she would like to draw or paint with me. She loved the thickness and the texture of the paper. I loved watching her hands explore the surface. Shirley told me she would like to paint tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kathy in Costume

My only creditable sketch from the WICA costume loft turned out to be a portrait of Kathy. Unfortunately the sketch did not showcase the entire purple genie costume she was sporting. It was SO Kathy. I'm so sick of making muddy overworked messes that I was determined to use a light touch and leave part of the sketch uncolored. But when Kathy asked to use it for her FB profile pic, I thought maybe I should finish coloring it. Anyway, here are both versions. Take your pick, Kathy.

Thanks once again to Judith Van Arnam and Whidbey Island Center for the Arts for giving us access to the costume loft. It was a wonderland of fun and fancy and fabric.  I hope we can go back again next month.


Friday, January 16, 2015


I had a FABULOUS time with the Sketchers in the costume shop loft of the Whidbey Island Center for the Arts, at the invitation of Costumer Extraordinaire and fellow sketcher, Judith. We decked ourselves out in shawls, hats and ridiculous shoes and sketched great stuff. I found a rack with, among other things, a Beefeater and an Elizabethan Dandy costume. But, GASP, no kilts! No KILTS!!?? WICA, ye'd best get up a new production of "Brigadoon" verra verra soon.

Maple Ridge

 Dotty and Audrey

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweet afternoon at Maple Ridge

What a heart warming afternoon at Maple Ridge.

 This is Johnny Walker.  What a sweetheart!

Odd picture of Dotty, but somehow it captures her.  Audrey got a good laugh out of it. 

Judith's Maple Ridge Sketches

Be still my heart! I am head over heels for these two sketches Judith did at Maple Ridge. Judith has challenged herself to learn to draw people in 2015. Just look where she is on January 9th! I can't wait to see where she goes from here.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Maple Ridge Happy Hour

As we progress through life - getting old, you wonder; what's next?  Deciding to shrink your living space, or move to an Elder Care facility is a really tough decision.  Maple Ridge is a beautiful facility that has a variety of living spaces. I think of Miss Marple and wonder who is the most observant missing nothing and creating mysteries about her neighbors, who complains the most, or eats all the food.  I bet the staff could write a book....
I seem to sketch people without wrinkles, like Audrey and Dottie, but the side view done with just ink seems to show the real persons age.   Audrey seems to enjoy everyone and sees each day as another adventure; Dottie is confused but still her strong determined self.
Spencer has a head with character!  I'd love to know more about his life.  Women always fall for the cute guy, who inevitably turns out to be roly poly in his old age.  Spencer makes me think Vladimir Horowitz (famous pianist); he has strong features that probably looked awkward when he was young but gives him character now that he is old.  Yack, Yack.  I guess I would be Miss Marple! Always curious.  Pat

Audrey K. 93

Dottie 89

Guy with walker & Spencer

Sketching at Faye's Life Drawing class

Sketching at Maple Ridge

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Maple Ridge

Its always such a pleasure to be invited to join the friendly
 folks at Maple Ridge and get to know a few of them.
Danny Ward making music during our sketch visit to Maple Ridge!

Jim greeted us in the library 

                                                               Sketchers in the midst!

                                                         Dottie at our table

Dottie at Maple Ridge

You've got to love Dottie.   She had a good laugh when I showed her my drawing!  Hope to see you again soon Dottie…..New friends.  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Maple Ridge

Sketching at Maple Ridge is always a wonderful experience. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. I adore it all - the characters, the laughter, the stories, the reactions to our sketches, the happy hour with live music. Thank you, Maple Ridge. We must go more often.

The irrepressible Dottie shares her thought on art.
In the lobby
Audrey, I didn't do you justice - those cheekbones!
Millie, originally from Manhattan, Kansas.
 She was an English teacher, but wanted to be a
journalist. Just wasn't an option for women in
 those days.

Jim was so elegant, mannerly and friendly. And an excellent model. He used to be an engineer.

Danny Ward on sax. His mom used to live at Maple Ridge.
Danny Ward was the entertainment at the Friday
 afternoon social hour this week.