Friday, January 29, 2010

Gordy's Sketches from The Goose

I just got Gordy Edberg's sketches from our session at The Goose a few weeks ago. They've been only recently rescued from my spam filter where they've been held hostage for the past two weeks.
The lovely and talented Kris Wiltse sketching.

Great capture of a Goose employee at work. Looks like a department manager.

I think this must be me.

Customer at the pastry counter.

Truman sketching.
Virginia sketching.

Gordy must be the fastest sketcher around - he got all seven drawings done in a couple of hours - maybe three hours tops. And they're wonderful. I'm in awe. Maybe this is what's possible when you get to work and skip the eating, coffee drinking and yakking. Hmmm . . .

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miriam's Cafe, Coupeville

Here are my sketches from Miriam's Cafe in Coupeville. They have very tasty Breakfast sandwiches and great coffee. Happily, it was a bustling place. I had a wonderful time sketching with Lisbeth and Sue.

People were there for hours at a time so we had no problems with patrons leaving in the middle of a drawing.

Eating, Drinking and Sketching at Miriam's

It turns out our scheduled sketch venue, Mosquito Fleet Chili in Coupeville, doesn't open until noon on Wednesdays. So we ended up at Miriam's instead. I really loved sketching there. Great light, great energy, lots of people and lots of interesting architectural details to draw. And of course, great food and coffee, too!

Tried out colored pencils for the first time and was a little tenative with them. I'll experiment more.

I got a bunch of quick sketches of this woman waiting in line and then waiting for her order to come up. Good practice for working fast.

My favorite sketch of the day. It shows the iconic stove and wall sconces that say "Miriam's."  So far, this is my preferred way of working with watercolor: lay down some paint where the big shapes appear to be and then add ink to give definition. And then don't worry if you layed down the color in the wrong places - it just makes for a more interesting sketch. Thanks Kris, for showing me how to do this.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy local coffee spot

Another fine morning sketching -- today at Miriam's, a favorite coffee spot in my little burb.  Full of people having meetings over coffee, working on WiFi,  and reading.  Buzzing with activity.  A perfect morning.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Days Sketch Montage

What a beautiful setting Bayview Nursery is. So many lovely flowers to inspire hope for spring to make a speedy arrival. I began a sketch and Lisbeth sat down within my frame so I included her. My large vertical format watercolor pad turned out to be a bit too much for the time I had. I ended up with a few lines delineating a bit of her and some plants in the foreground leaving lots of space remaining, so today I filled the rest of the paper with more sketches. New Daffodils popping up in the yard, nettles, a bush, a small table with Kleenex, cup of tea, and various odds and ends. Just scribbles for fun. Besides Lisbeth, I'm in it too, sketching.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flowers, Felines & Fungus

Flowers from floor to ceiling at Bayview Nursery.

Lottie, the Bayview Nursery cat curled up with her toy at the checkout counter. Can you spot something unusual about her anatomy?

This guy was getting a consultation about a powdery mildew problem on his prize rhody. Very sad tale.

Spring Fever at Bayview Farm and Garden

Just what this sketcher needed - a couple of hours surrounded by beautiful, colorful plants.  Thanks to the staff of Bayview Farm and Garden who welcomed us, encouraged us, and let us soak up the lovely surroundings. 

Color everywhere!  It was even nice to peek just outside the front door.  Couldn't resist picking up a few primroses to brighten up my winter garden.
But the orchid display was my favorite!  I just had to take one home to my office. 

Tomorrow while working, I'll remember a wonderful morning sketching in Bayview. 
Now, where's my trowel?

Color Fest at Bayview Farm & Garden

We found a few hours with spring today.

Color, color!

Sue has kitty karma

Quick color spots

Bayview Nursery is full of color even in January!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Water

This watercolor was the first in my new sketchbook with handmade paper. The paper seemed to disintegrate with each drop of water. Ah well, it's still a beautiful book for notes.


A post to say Thank You so much for our groups thoughtful Birthday cards. You all made my day feel very special.

I'd like to start with a most wonderful greeting from Virginia Fink. (I hope you don't mind me posting this, Virginia):
"the production of all arts are kinds of poetry and their craftsmen(women) are all poets."~ Plato. You are the quintessential poet in ours midst! We celebrate your birth and your beautiful presence in our lives.

Faye's beautiful pastel Hydrangea. The scan does not do it justice. It's yummy! Thanks Faye!

From Sherryl; an eternal candle flame. I love the thought. It's beautiful! And thanks for suggesting I post these. ;o)

And Lisbeth. With a wonderful, so true, Picasso quote. "Art washes away from the soul the dust from everyday life." And I do believe she caught my general being on the Island. Thanks Lisbeth!

And Sue. Whose stinky feet I'll always cherish! Love the socks! Nice sketch girl. Brush pen I see. Thanks Sue!

I am so delighted and happy to be a part of Whidbey Island Sketchers. You are all treasures and I look forward to many more sketching adventures, sharing and learning with you all!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Goose Market Sketches

Our Wednesday WIS meeting was fun as usual. Got in a few sketches.

Sat in their coffee shop section of course.

Virginia, one of our WIS members sketching.

Here's my Lady in Red. Thanks Ona!

Faye's Sketches at The Goose

Faye Castle got some great sketches of customers at the Goose on Wednesday!

Virginia getting coffee at The Goose's cafe/bakery.

Folks passing by The Goose bakery.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sketching at The Goose

Great morning sketching in the cafĂ© at The Goose in Bayview.  Thanks to the staff who welcomed us.  Wonderful, colorful things to sketch in this new South End spot.

Adventures at The Goose: The Lady in Red

We started out sketching in the Goose's bakery/cafe . . .

Then I moved to the front where I had a view of the checkout lines and got a good start on a sketch . . .

. . . when I spotted this lady in a great hat and red cape at the checkout counter looking like a character from a spy novel . . . a truly colorful character. Sketcher's panic attack! I had to sketch fast - but I wasn't fast enough. She was picking up her grocery bag and preparing to leave! I made my move . . . I walked over and smiled and asked her to sit for the sketchers. I gotta lotta nerve.

She said yes! She put down her groceries and her purse and picked up a book. The sketchers went nuts!

Thank-you, Ona! You were an incredible model. (This sketch was from a photo Sherryl took - great angle - had to sketch it. Note to self - sit on the floor and look up next time you have a willing model.)

The Goose

Sketching at The Goose was overwhelming with all the wonderful choices! This flower arrangement in the middle of bakery display held my attention.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Learning from my catalog gals

In between our wednesday sketching sessions I've been sketching from photos in clothing catalogs in order to build skills and learn how to mix my new watercolors.

Can't wait for our weekly "live" sketching sessions where the challenge of sketching quickly, on-site adds so much to the depth of the sketch.  In the meantime, I depend on my "catalog gals" to help me learn.

Monday, January 11, 2010

January on Whidbey

It's spring inside the Bayview Nursery. Pouring rain pounding on the ceiling, warm and cozy inside. And, a phone call from my son, new granddaughter is!! Major distraction from painting!!
Afternoon light at Lone Lake

Cultus Bay from my mobile studio, viewed from Hammond Preserve.