Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Day of Sketching

12:30 pm: Maxwelton Valley Cow (#11?)
Yesterday was a full day of sketching for me. I headed out at noon to do the Rural Whidbey Sketch Rally Challenge sketches and kept sketching through lunch, drinks and dinner at China City and book club!

I found cows on Maxwelton Road for "Something with 2 eyes and a Tail" and a rusty old truck on Double Bluff for "Something Rusty."  "Something Odd"?  . . . it was supposed to be the lower half of a man's body stick out from the open hood of the rusty truck, but it doesn't show up in the sketch. So, how about a guy taking a nap in Timbuktu at 2 in the afternoon? I found it odd that he wasn't snoring . . .
12:30 pm: More Maxwelton Valley Cows
2:30 pm: Rusty Truck on Double Bluff Road

2 pm: Lunch and a sketch of a napping patron at Timbuktu Coffee in Freeland

4 pm: Sketchers meet-up at China City. (Jay and Cathy)
7 pm: My book group meets on Wednesday evenings.


  1. I absolutely love the top cow. There's something wonderful about it & I love the loose lines. Also particularly fond of the barn scene because of the front uncolored cow -- totally makes it a great sketch.

  2. The Maxwelton Valley barn/cow are terrific and I love the old truck with all the character, rust, old paint and dents tucked into the bushes just like you see them on the island.

  3. Thanks, Lisbeth and Lois. I was happy with my sketching that day.