Friday, June 10, 2011

Mo's Again

Langley's new watering hole, Mo's Pub, is turning out to be a great place for people sketching!

I was all packed up and ready to leave when I noticed what a great subject was sitting right next to me. Pony tail and baseball hat - couldn't resist. I unpacked my art supplies and did a quick sketch of Jenne. I think she was watching a hockey game on TV. When I asked how to spell her name, she told me the story of how it changed from "Jenny" to "Jenne." In high school, she and a friend thought they would be cooler if they changed the spellings of their names to something more exotic. She changed hers to "Jenne".  Even though the new spelling did not make her any more popular among her classmates, it stuck. I thought she was super-cool!  :-)

Ron, the coolest guy in town, chats up the La Rue sisters at the end of the bar.
Ron again!

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