Saturday, June 4, 2011

WW2 Flight Suit at the PBY Memorial Historical Display

This is an electrically heated WW2 era flight suit. There are  attaching points for electrically heated gloves, boots and, on the chest, for an oxygen mask heater. These suits were developed for patrol and bomber crews who routinely operated at high altitudes above 30,000 feet, where air temperatures could get so cold that flesh could freeze instantly to any metal it touched.

This spiffy little museum really is the best kept secret on Whidbey Island. Housed on the Seaplane Base in Oak Harbor, there are beautifully displayed Navy uniforms and artifacts, a gorgeous old Wurlitzer jukebox playing tunes from the big band era on 45's, a PBY flight simulator that you can try out, and of course, the magnificent PBY plane itself -- sitting on the hill outside. The enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteer docents are ready, willing and able to tell you about it all.

You may be asking yourself at this point, "What the heck is a PBY?"  Here's a teaser from their website:

Throughout the history of aviation, only a few aircraft have excelled to become legend . . .

Learn all about the PBY and the PBY Memorial Foundation Historical Display here.

In keeping with the Naval aviation theme, we stopped off at Flyers' Restaurant and Brewery for one last sketch.


  1. Wonderful sketchers, Sue! And great review. I'm the webmistress for the PBY Memorial Foundation - - May we use your article and sketches on our "In The News" page with credit to you and a link back to your site?

  2. Yes, of course! I"m honored. his link will take you to all the sketches we did that day. If you ever need any of the other sketches for the website, I'm sure the sketchers would be happy to accommodate. to

  3. Thank you, Sue. I've just contacted the other sketchers as well.

    Check After the Centenial of Naval Aviation Celebration ends next weekend, I'll be adding sketches to the home page also.

    I found your blogspot via Google as I was looking for new material for the site. My parents are Board Members and I took my very first tour of the new Center over the 4th of July weekend while visiting them and my daughter, who also lives on Whidbey Island. ... I live in Las Vegas and haven't been to the area in a couple of years.

    I will also be passing along the link to the blogspot to the board members. I know they will be so honored and proud to see your work and read your comments. Very well done all of you!