Thursday, June 2, 2011

The XO's Desk and Uniforms

The XO's uniforms and desk at the Aviation History Museum, NAS Whidbey. The PBY Memorial Foundation docents were so knowledgeable and helpful and I especially enjoyed viewing their DVD of the beginnings of the base in Oak Harbor. Then later, we captured some of the locals bellied up to their "desk" at Flyers.


  1. These sketches are very detailed and lovely with lots of color

  2. I'm the webmaster for the PBY Memorial Foundation - - I stumbled across the sketches your group did during your visit to the PBY Memorial Foundation Naval History Center. Your sketches are wonderful. We'll be including a link to the blogspot as well as the lovely review that Sue Van Etten wrote on our "in the news" page. Would you allow us to also post your sketch on our site? Thank you!