Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whidbey's Best Kept Secret - on the Seaplane Base

Oh my gosh!  What a great afternoon we Whidbey Island Sketchers had at the PBY Memorial Foundation Historical Museum on the Seaplane Base in Oak Harbor.  This is an amazing museum and I think few on the island know about it.  Trust me - it's worth a trip... NOW!  Thanks to the great team of curators who filled us with knowledge about the PBY as well as the info in exhibits.  Really - you must go see this place!!

Command Display at PBY Memorial Museum

Left - Vietnam Room (Jet Jock); Right - 1930s Navy Uniform

WW II flight helmet

After sketching - appropriately we went to Flyers for a glass of wine.


  1. Hey, you stole my title "Whidbey's Best Kept Secret"! Really love all these sketches. Wonderful record of a fun sketching day.

  2. Of course, I LOVE the color color COLORS! Vibrant!

  3. Hello Lisbeth!

    I'm the webmaster for the PBY Memorial Foundation Navy History Center. We'll be posting Sue Van Etten's review and sketch on our website "in the news" page and would like your permission to include your beautiful work and review as well. I agree with Judi... the color are wonderful! Good Job!

  4. Hi Rosanne - Thanks for your nice comment and invitation to share sketched on the PBY website. Of course you can share my sketches and post.

    We had a ball visiting the history center in June. Learned so much. The curator and guides were so knowledgable and just great guys!

  5. Thank you, Lisbeth. Your sketches are on the site, along with your kind comments. Beautiful work!!!