Saturday, June 18, 2011

Joy & Craig Johnson Talk About Birds at SW Commons

Joy & Craig Johnson talk about hummingbirds at South Whidbey Commons
Technical Difficulties: Ed looks on while Gena troubleshoots.
I attended (and sketched) Craig & Joy Johnson's talk about birds at South Whidbey Commons last Friday. They put on a lively and informative program which included slides of Craig's wonderful bird photography from their new book, Our Pacific Northwest Birds & Habitat, as well as lots of insights about our local birds, bird watching, bird photography and even book publishing.  They are both passionate about protecting birds through education and community outreach. With that in mind, they recently published their first children's book The Amazing Hummingbird Story of Red Rufous, illustrated with Craig's watercolor paintings and inspired by a Rufous Hummingbird they watched and photographed daily from the time he was an egg in a nest at Earth Sanctuary! Check out this amazing slide show of those photos. Also check out all the fun and free stuff about hummingbirds on their website.


  1. Sue-I'd like another copy of Birds and Habitat. Can you bring it Wed.? Thanks, Missy

  2. Great descriptive sketches. Nice line work too!