Tuesday, June 28, 2011

View from Kettles Trail

Sunday was a perfectly warm morning, after breakfast at the Tyee, to bike Kettles Trail in Coupeville with grandson and hubby. This is the beautiful brilliant view we saw as biking along the trail looking over Ebby's farms just a walking distance to the beaches on the Straits. The low hanging fog was starting to disappear off the water as the day became warmer. The Olympic mts and foothills in the distance were like jewels in strong hues of blue. Our mts in the NW are always a challenge for me to paint. I always get the values too strong and overpowering so consequently on this sketch, which I did by memory after returning home, I had to do a lot of rubbing them out to obtain a lighter value.

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  1. Such a beautiful painting, Lois. The mountains are so nicely done.