Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Sketch Rally Challenge

This week's Rural Whidbey Sketch Rally challenge had us looking for/sketching:
----Something Rusty
----Something with 2 Eyes and a Tail
----Something Odd (no self portraits!)

Fun stuff.  So here go my submissions:
Something Rusty  (old farm equipment at Sherman Farms) just outside Coupeville

Something with 2 eyes & a tail (bear chainsaw art in Greenbank)

Something odd (the great yard art in Roger Sherman's yard - made from old metal parts & farm implements) just outside Coupeville above Ebey's Prairie

And after the Sketch Rally, we sketchers gathered at China City in Freeland to compare our results.  I sketched folks at the bar during our Happy Hour. 


  1. Oh, I think these are all outstanding!And so much fun! You just keep getting better and better. Then fence line in the top sketch is an especially nice detail. And the couple at China City is so compelling - I love the way she is leaning toward him and the expression on her face. And his bare arms, of course!

  2. Thanks Sue. You're always so nice to comment.

  3. Your old rusty piece of farm equipment is a great composition and sketch

  4. Thanks Lois! That was a tough sketch once I got into it!!!!