Friday, March 18, 2011

Hanging my Braeburn Sketch Show

Looking insane after hanging my show at the Braeburn
I look (and was) completely crazed after 2 hours of hanging my first show. Truth be told, Sherryl did most of the work while I got stressed out fussing with tape measures and calculations and worrying about keeping the staff late. She finally perfected the "Goldfinger" method of marking the spot for the nail hole with her finger while holding the art in place with the other hand. It was effective, but reportedly caused much pain and suffering that she just wouldn't shut up about. As she points out, I now owe her BIG.

There are 19 framed prints of some of my favorite sketches from the past year -- most of which depict people and places on South Whidbey. The show will be up through April 11. 8 pieces have sold so far - including 2 to people I don't even  know!

My sketches at The Braeburn
What a journey this has been for me - from Faye's sketching class to my own show in a year-and-a-half. I never would have gotten here without the support, encouragement and friendship of the Whidbey Island Sketchers. Thank you all. Thanks also to Lisa, the new owner of The Braeburn for offering me this opportunity to share my sketches. And a special thanks to Sherryl for all her expert help with hanging the show. I'm just giddy.


  1. Kudos! Your work looks beautiful on display. Here's to many more successes!

  2. You're welcome Sue! And thank YOU for allowing us to be part of your first show, with many more to come for you, I'm sure! It's our pleasure- LOVE your work!

  3. Congratulations on your show Sue! I too am amazed at where sketching (with help from our friends) can get you, I guess we must just enjoy the ride!

  4. Wow...can't wait to see the show on Wednesday!!

  5. The show is stunning and charming. also very well mounted and framed. What a lot of work!!! And the results are worth it. AND congratulations on so many sales. In this day and age that is phenomenal! You deserve it. You love sketching so much and it shows.

  6. Congrats Sue. Quite a wonderful achievement. Glad to count myself as an owner of a Sue original. You've definitely found your mojo.