Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Working "outside the box" at Bayview Nursery

Still continuing to "find my way" in this new art form.  Among the plants at Bayview Nursery I decided to try two different methods of creating a sketch.  This first one, of all the watering cans, was done by laying down areas of wash, then using a waterproof Lumocolor pen to draw directly over them.  Very little pencil structure underneath - a VERY big step for me.   This method certainly saves time.  Fast sketch.

This one was done with washes first, as well, but then finished by direct drawing over the top with the Lamy pen,  again with very little pencil.  Instead I used a lot of contour style drawing which is something a rarely do.  Both of these were a long stretch for me.   I am not sure how successful they were, but as learning experiences go, they were they were OK.


  1. I especially like the line work on that tall plant that you did with the Lamy. Very nice!

  2. These are great! The watering cans are so colorful. The vertical row on the left frames it nicely. And the line work defining the flowing leaves of that plant in the second image is beautiful, along with the flower display.