Sunday, March 6, 2011

Studio 106 Sketch Party

Marcia was the first visitor to walk in the door and our first sketching subject at Studio 106 last night. She was a great sport and a good model. I really liked my angle on this one and enjoyed sketching her.

I was just about finished when the belly dancing sisters, Twyla and Celina Dill, arrived and got into their gorgeous costumes. What a treat! We all did our best to capture them in motion with their skirts and beads flying. A challenge to say the least. The girls were just adorable and real troopers. They held what must have been a very uncomfortable pose until their arms were about to fall off! We found a few beads and bangles from their costumes when we cleaned up the studio today. Sweet.

Celina and Twyla Dill
Twyla Dill
Twyla and Celina Dill
I LOVE LANGLEY posted more photos of the event on facebook.


  1. You captured the flamboyance and action of the dancers along with the flowing colors of their skirts. The volunteer model has terrific facial bone structure and I found it really difficult to enhance her those features. I think you did it.

  2. Thanks Lois. I had a good angle for capturing her bone structure, I think.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Happy Trees. Glad you enjoyed the sketches!

  4. I think you captured a likeness of all three gals. I really like the movement in Twyla's image. Nice work!