Monday, March 14, 2011

Arizona Sun Break!

Dark, rainy and cold in Seattle,
I spent my first morning in Arizona
sitting and sketching by the pool
Not for long by the pool. We soon met up with
painter friends and headed for the Grand Canyon.
I tried a quick sunrise sketch, but the paint actually
froze on the paper. Beautiful pile of colored ice crystals,
but...they didn't last.

Did manage a quick color spot sketch in the sun.
The colors changed constantly. I don't remember
a more challenging subject to....."sketch"
Fresh snow on the rim was stunning!
The next day we were back down in the desert
painting the Four Peaks. A much longer
oil study is still unfinished.
At sunset, I sat down on the ground and did this
quick, much more relaxed play with color.
I love sketching!
My friend Susan's baby bouganvilla.....
We spent the next few days in Tucson, and each
morning walked to Raging Sage Coffee, with the best
scones ever! It is so great to be with artist friends
that want to sketch too!
The Arizona Inn is an old classical inn built in the
1930's. It is an elegant, colorful and immaculately
groomed site a short walk from our friends' house.
This got a bit overworked....yes.... I didn't want to
Pleasant memory.
Back in Phoenix, and 3 blocks of Harley's mostly,
for Biker Night in downtown Mesa. Chrome, lights and
rock bands on each corner, and, well people MY..age,
getting on these bikes .
This happens every month there, if anyone is
in the area, check it out! Sketch overload! Visiting with
family kept us on the move, this, a quick sketch!
Another must, along with the Phoenix Art Museum and
cruising through a handful of good Scottsdale galleries is the
Desert Botanical Garden. We hit a windy day, but
there are endless shapes and colors!
I want to go back!!


  1. They're all beautiful, Faye. Simply done and colorful. Love the Grand Canyon scene, saguaros landscape and botanical garden cactus'! A great document of your trip. Looks like you were buried in snow up to your waist! Brr!

  2. These are so Arizona and lovely along with your story of sketching with friends. What fun under the bright sun sketching those desert plants. The large saguaro's depth and color is great. I would love to be there rather than the wet, wild, windy weather at the present time.

  3. These are so beautiful, Faye. Thanks for sharing them. I couldn't wait to see your AZ sketches. So much color to inspire you. They're lovely!

  4. These are SO beautiful! I love the one of Hopi Point and the motorcycles. Can't believe you can do these so fast! They'd take me 3 hours apiece! Wonderful!