Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Posting from Sunny Mexico

Tomorrow I fly back to the Great Northwest, so these are my last postings from the sunshine for awhile. I spent last evening at the home of a neighbor and while there I did these 3 sketches. Annie is an artist in every aspect of her life. Her home is one of her art forms and it is a masterpiece. She also has a huge collection of fabulous folk art. Two of these sketches reflect a couple of her folk art pieces. The other is the view from her terrace (essentially the same view we have from Casa Amanecer). Hasta la vista mi amigas y amigos!


  1. All three are beautiful, Phyllis!

  2. Muy bonita, mi amiga!Love the dragon.

  3. Love your note in the corner of the middle sketch! You being antisocial? that doesn't fit with the Phyllis I remember!

    P.S. "DommyDomsMom" is really Ann Adam

    P.P.S. I'm coming up to Langley sometime soon this spring - hope to catch you and see your studio.