Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sketch Party! Saturday Art Walk

Join Whidbey Island Sketchers for a Sketch Party!
Studio 106, Saturday Art Walk

Attitude is Everything
What:  Saturday Art Walk Sketch Party!  Sketching, Music, Art, Sketchbooks on Display, Partying, Belly Dancing!

Where: Studio 106, 106 McLeod Alley, Langley (behind the soap store)

When:  Saturday, March 5, 5-7pm (Saturday Art Walk)

Who: Everyone, of course!


  1. What fun. I'll try to get there.

  2. I hope you all and Studio 106 have tons of visitors! See you all soon.

  3. Thanks, Phyllis! Getting ramped up for tomorrow night. Wine selected, belly dancers confirmed, shopping list made, to-do list made, invitations dispatched. Tomorrow is shopping, cleaning and setting up, bringing in a rug and space heater for belly dancers, changing sandwich board messages from Mystery Weekend to Art Walk, food, candles, music, sketchbook exhibits, etc., etc. Lots to do!

  4. Studio 106 is a cozy, fun and warm gathering place where people to drop in for a glass of wine and appetizers while admiring Phyllis' art pieces. What a fun evening for sketching the belly dancers and one volunteer and chatting with drop ins and fellow sketchers.