Thursday, March 10, 2011

Again, with the Bathroom . . . at Compass Rose B&B

Compass Rose Upstairs Bath

I think I've found my niche. I like to draw old-fashioned bathrooms. This one at the end of the hall on the second floor of Compass Rose B&B is especially lovely.

Nat (the gnat) and Missy at "our table" at Toby's

After an afternoon of hard sketching at the Compass Rose, we stopped at Toby's to unwind and eat garlicky bivalves. I got a decent likeness of Natalie despite all the faces she was making to try to foil me.


  1. Both are really lovely. I like the ornate vs simple areas and composition of the bathroom. Your delicate application of line works great on this one. And the palette is easy on the eyes. You did capture a likeness of Nat and her rosy cheeks. Toby's is a neat little scene.