Thursday, March 17, 2011

Olde World Ales

Here's a couple of my sketches from Olde World Ales and Lagers in Langley on Wednesday. As dark as these are I'm fairly pleased. I was in a "throw the paint down" kind of mood.

Phyllis was sunk into a big white chair that had some interesting shape and fold characteristics. Apologies, Phyllis, there is no likeness. I'm not sure it's done yet. I'm considering adding a subtle wash into the face.


  1. Your chair sketch looks sooo comfortable; I need to go there to sit in it with a big tall ale. Good sketches

  2. These are lovely. I especially love the deep tones of the first one and the cool lantern. Another set of wonderful sketches.

  3. Thank you, Lois and Lisbeth!
    Lois, the Chair is near the fireplace (heater), so it's pretty cozy!
    Lisbeth, the lantern is my favorite part. Can't wait to see your sketches of you trip!