Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Dance at the Senior Center

Friday was marimba band day at the Senior Ctr and was the place rockin'! Lots of seniors out to kick up their heels with the rhythm of the music and a great scenario for sketching. I would have joined in the dance but was having more fun sketching the people with the beautiful music. Most of the people didn't even know I was there to sketch the action. One gal I was sitting next to let me sketch her and told me why her parents gave her her unique name. I discovered that these seniors want to have fun and are not out to meet a partner but to swing with the rhythm of the music and feel young again. Great idea!
One woman who was very charming in her black hat with colorful rose, sweater, skirt, tights and turquoise socks with Maryjane shoes was unique and would have been fun to meet.
The sketches were done with graphite on newsprint. I would like to use these as drafts to sketch/paint a series of the seniors at the senior center.

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  1. I was just this morning talking to my neighbor about the "Time Together" program at the Senior Center and the possibility of sketching there. His wife is an artist with Alzheimer's and goes to the program every day 10-2.