Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Loose at Choochokam

My Choochokam sketches are all pretty rough and loose. Here's some of the Saturday action at the Whidbey Island Fine Art Studio "Artists in Action" booth.  To protect the innocent, I have withheld the names of my unsuspecting victims.

The beer garden:

The band warms up for the Saturday night street dance.

These two teenage girls were colorful and adorable as they watched the dance. My favorite sketch of the day.
At 9 pm, the sun was long gone and it was getting chilly and breezy. This Michael Jordan fan watched the dance from the sidelines in his basketball jersey and shivered.
More people watching the street dance. Biker Bob is in this sketch twice. He actually wanted to buy the sketch. I'm going to give it to him.


  1. The girls image is my fave too. Love the loose washes and how they bleed! All the sketches are great. You captured the attitude of the guy in the black shirt painting. I really like the Jordan fan too. Nice work!

  2. Yeah, it's really fun to try to capture gestures/attitude - whatever you call it - with loose, wet washes. It happens so fast. It kind of amazes me when it works. Would be a fun exercise for your class.

  3. Very cool. These are some fun ones and I like their looseness. This is something I need to practice.

  4. These are really cool sketches and loose watercolors with lots of expression. since I wasn't able to be at the fair these sketches tell what you witnessed.