Thursday, July 22, 2010

Race Week!

 Another great day of fun with WISk members. While sketching I had a delightful conversation with two inquisitive children, Kathleen and Wesley from Bellingham, there to see their Dad race. They both love drawing so wanted to know more about what we were up to. I was so impressed with them both because of their thoughtful observations and questions. I was sketching Julie, one of our sketchers, and Wesley took note of that fact. I got in a couple sketches of them watching me draw.

 My sketch of Julie sketching and someone watching the boats.

A super fast, rough watercolor sketch. Just as I was discussing not plunking your center of interest in the center, what do I do? Plunk!


  1. Beautiful, Kris. Somehow you totally managed to carry off the dreaded "center plunk". Takes a real pro!!

  2. Thanks for both comments, Lisbeth! Maybe center plunks aren't all that bad.

  3. These are great. You captured the softness and young look to the children.