Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lavender Wind Farm Gazebo

I took on the ceiling of the gazebo, which is also a lavender drying operation. It was a very cool-looking geometric design, but looking up and drawing is not easy. It was like trying to draw a very colorful spider web upside down.
And this was my view straight ahead from the same spot in the gazebo.  I switched back and forth between these two sketches while waiting for paint to dry.

If you visit the farm and find yourself drawn to the Lavender Orange Truffles or the Lavender Chardonnay Ice Cream bar, and you're asking yourself "Should I or shouldn't I?", the correct answer is YES, you should. So worth it.

Thanks, Sarah, for letting us invade the farm for an afternoon!


  1. Boy these are beauties. The gazebo ceiling just glows!

  2. These really are gorgeous. They're full of light. So what's purple and blue's compliments? A+.

  3. These are so nice Sue! The gazebo sketch is just how it felt to be in there!