Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Greenbank Farm

It was another fabulous summer afternoon of sketching - this time at Greenbank Farm. I set up down in the shady, woodsy spot behind the Master Gardener's demonstration garden. I spent forever on my first sketch of the little stone bridge and surrounding scenery and worked it to death. Complicated landscapes with lots of light and shadow patterns are so attractive to me, but they often defeat me. Can't see the forest for the trees, so to speak, especially when I'm chatting and sketching at the same time.  I was so discouraged, I had a piece of warm strawberry rhubarb pie ala mode from the Whidbey Pies Cafe. Then I drew one of the big "stick" chairs just to have something to show for myself before the day was over.

I packed up and headed for the car, but I couldn't get past this scene.The ducks and geese and I were the only ones left at the farm at 5:30.  The light was divine and the farm was so very beautiful and warm and quiet. I wished I could have stayed another hour.

(For those not familiar with the farm, that "big bird" is a sculpture of a heron.)


  1. Wow! these are great! Love them both. The chair is very intriguing. Really wonderful. So simple. Oh. Nice perspective on that!

  2. Theses are really great sketches and would be great matted for the showing in October. I agree, more time is needed for sketching at the farm; there is so much there to sketch.