Friday, October 8, 2010

Whidbey Nature Sketches

Sadly, I haven't been able to participate in the sketching outings lately plus sketching on my own. So today with some free time, I enjoyed a neighborhood walk and found plenty of items from nature to sketch which can be my favorite subjects for sketching. I collected them and brought them home for some quick sketches that I'm sharing with you all.

The red hawthorne berry trees grow freely along the Wildes road adding color against the browns, yellows and sage colors of fall.

I like the warm colors of the yellow leaves, stem and dried out blossoms on the fire weed stem. The puffy soft remains from the blossom are still intact from the purplish red blooms of summer. The wild daisy stems are absolutely dried out and blackened but still beautiful and then the remains of the tall grass with it's seeds are ready to spread with the winds.

The mushrooms this past summer were plentiful offering several different varieties which I wouldn't dare try to eat. They grow along the roadside or in the yard and have beautiful soft, moist texture to them. I also found a split piece of alder in the back yard with interesting fungi growth starting. I added the fir branch with the cone of it. Some little squirrel cut it from the tree and forgot to retrieve it for his winter storage.


  1. Really lovely, Lois. We've missed you lately but nice to see these beauties.

  2. THanks, Lizbeth...hopefully, I'll be able to sketch with all on Wed. I really missed out on the recycle in Freeland. Maybe I'll go there on my own. The gals produced great sketches while there.