Monday, October 11, 2010

Sketching Maxwelton Valley scenes on A.M. walk

The air smelled fresh and clean and the sun was inviting me out for a cool walk this a.m. So I headed out with my favorite sketching pen and pad to the Maxwelton watershed and French Road to take advantage of the light/shadows for some sketching of the area.

Old Kinskie Barn off French Road

Quiet shaded resting area along the creek in Maxwelton watershed

Old gnarly fruit tree on Erickson's farm

Maxwelton watershed viewing platform near the bend of the creek

Erickson's old barn with fruit trees in foreground


  1. I love these! Fresh and descriptive and such a good idea!

  2. Thanks, Faye. It's really fun making stops along the walk for a few minutes to sketch special scenes.

  3. I'm so impressed that you got all five sketches done on one walk. I like these. Particularly Erickson's barn and fruit trees.

  4. thanks Iiz, I just do some quick sketches while observing the light and shadows and the apply the values of the light/dark at home