Sunday, October 17, 2010

29th Worldwide SketchCrawl: Langley WA

I just realized that yesterday was the 29th Worldwide SketchCrawl, an international sketching event. Kris and I unknowingly represented Langley by sketch-crawling our way down First Street from Nymbol's Secret Garden to Prima Bistro. I was looking for something scary to sketch at Nymbol's for the October Sketch Challenge.  But I bit off more than I could chew with an elaborate display of leather masks in front of a puppet theater. My sketch was so dreadful, I gave up on it. 

These are my sketches from Prima. Everyone seemed to notice they were being sketched last night, so we enjoyed meeting a lot of our subjects.

Good friends, Susan and Erin, celebrate Erin's move to Whidbey. Welcome to Whidbey, Erin!
Prima Bistro couple
Ladies Night Out at Prima Bistro (with a ghost of a mask from Nymbol's)


  1. I love these and it tells a fun story

  2. Thanks, Lois. Just wait til you see Kris' sketches from yesterday. She got a terrific one of puppets at Nymbol's and one of a large group celebrating something with pink balloons and flowers at their table. Turns out they were celebrating 5 years cancer-free for a breast cancer survivor! The kids at the table caught her sketching and then the whole family came by to see. I hope she posts them soon. Sketching in public can be so interesting and rewarding at times!

  3. Very nice ones, Sue. I really love the top one. Such pretty colors. If I'd been one of them, I would have bought this sketch right out of your sketchbook!