Sunday, October 17, 2010

Langley Sketching

Sure was fun sketching in Langley yesterday. Met a lot nice people as we usually do when we're out sketching. People notice us looking or the palettes in front of us. Kids really hone in. They're artists wanting to know what other artists are up to. Here's my sketches...

Nymbol's Puppets

Family Celebration

A not so good likeness of Sue.

An animated Gentleman


  1. Kris, these are all so colorful and to imagine what stories connect o these animated scenes. I like the last sketch of the two gals....just a few lines with lots of expression

  2. Beautiful, Kris! I particularly like the puppets and the lovely tones in the family celebration. Looks like you had a very fun day sketching.

  3. Thanks, Lois and Lisbeth! It was great to get out and do some sketching.

  4. wonderful sketches and you actually caught something of Sue her position