Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tripping to Port Townsend

Fun was had by all on our trip to Port Townsend. I had intended to get in the great architecture there, but I ended up at Siren's, a local bar and eatery with great food. I was trapped by it's wonderfully rich interior. So we'll have to do a trip very soon to sketch some exteriors. By the way, Siren's fried oysters were some of the best I've ever had.

Used a Gel Pen for these line sketches. Slippery. They're nice to use. I wonder about their permanence, though.

People on the ferry. This woman was being interviewed for a job.

The rolling hills from the rolling ship as we approached Port Townsend. My lines rolled, that's for sure.

It'd sure be nice to do some people frontal. This gal sat down in the middle of my sketch.

It was a lovely day, though windy. A quick sketch of Sherryl and Lisbeth on the deck... sketching.

Siren's bordello-like interior. Lots of antiques and retro style.

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