Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010 Challenge

"March Madness"

Faye sketched a couple of crazy things around her house.  First her Barbara Reemelin shorebird and juggling balls... and next her Oaxaca cricket on Brooklyn red ball.


While Betty Rayle showed us "where she'd rather be in March".  Either Capistrano, CA...

... or Crystal Cove, CA.

Only our talented Kris Wiltse could fully capture the craziness of her cat, "Mad Kate".

Lisbeth Cort was inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland movie & sketched a mad March Hare.

She also thinks one of the craziest things on Whidbey Island is the ochre windmill in the beachfront park in Oak Harbor!

Sue Van Etten was just crazy enough to capture "The Mad Sketcher in the Mirror".

And then she turned her sights to the beautiful blooming plum trees in her yard.

And, finally, Lois Matthews shared two beautiful sketches perfectly capturing the glory of Whidbey gardens and water.

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