Monday, March 1, 2010

Mystery Weekend in Langley

Charming Plotsylvanian teenagers,Tonya and her brother Howey, answer questions in front of Mike's Place.
49-er Monty Green looks like he could be hiding plenty of clues in that mustache.

This is James, who just happened to sit across from us. He was not an official character in the mystery, but he looked mighty suspicious to us, so we did a quick sketch. Thanks for being such a good sport, James!

This shady-looking character came and sat down next. He looked guilty of something, so we caputured him (on paper), too. He claims to have an alibi for the crime - he was working at his nursery business, Kirk's Nursery, on Maxwelton and Highway 20. Likely story.

After a long day of sketching, we headed to Prima Bistro for some R&R and more sketching! Michael Sheehan entertained on the guitar with some great old rock 'n roll tunes.

It was very busy at Prima Sunday night. This is the long view of tables lined up against the wall with chef, Sieb Jurrians, working back in the kitchen. We split an appetizer called "raclette," described as roasted alpine cheese with new potatoes, cornichons and speck prosciutto. I can't begin to describe how good it was. Seriously. Order it.

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