Monday, March 1, 2010

Signs of Spring

Our February sketch challenge was "Signs of Spring."
First Gray Whale of the season! A sure sign of spring. Nice one, Sherryl!
And the binoculars that spied the whale, I presume.

Spring planting at Lisbeth's house.
Lisbeth visits the Skagit Valley daffodil fields.
Tulips at Lisbeth's! That girl sure likes her flowers.
Rocky smashes the first signs of spring while I sketch them. What a galoot.

Pieris Japonica in flower. The bees love 'em.
Man, I was so stressed out today, I labeled my hellebores "hydrangeas."

And Kris Wiltse's Hellebore plant was broken by playing dogs, so she brought them indoors for a couple little sketches.

And of course she had to get in the lovely blooming Plums as one enters Langley.

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