Friday, March 12, 2010

Salon Day

Went for a cut and color at 9:15. Stayed all day to sketch.

Under the dryer with a foil wrap.

Mary Jo said it was the best haircut she's ever had.

At the shampoo sink. This guy was getting a haircut today for his wedding tomorrow!

A very satisfied first-time customer.


  1. What fun! I especially love the top one and Mary Jo with her pink apron. Very cool all.

  2. Thanks,Lisbeth. Mary Jo is the customer. Brittany (Britney?) is the stylist/proprietress with the pink apron. The girl loves pink! It was truly a fabulous place to sketch - parade of people forced to hold still for a few minutes and lots of color and kitsch.

  3. These are all great! I do love the image of the stylist with the pink apron, doing hair. All day! Wow. Can't wait to see your doo.

  4. Funny story about Brittany with the pink apron. She stays in that exact position for such a short time. I worked on it over the course of several haircuts trying to catch her for a few seconds in that position. But sometimes she had the chair hiked up and sometimes down. I eventually realized the length of her legs (in my drawing) had gone beserk as a result of using the chair as a reference point. I tried to "fix it" by making her boots higher to compensate for her legs being way too long.